Our mission at WritersWay is to help coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals promote their expertise, create passive income, and build their brand. We know you’re busy and find it a challenge to write your own personal and professional development information products. WritersWay has two paths to help you solve this dilemma. If you prefer to have us do it for you (DIFY), we have all the services you need to transform your ideas into infoproducts. If you prefer to do it yourself (DIY), we have products that will show you how to create your own infoproducts.


Either way, you will be thrilled to have us do it or write your own e-book, book, or other infoproducts so you can create greater credibility, visibility, and profitability.


As you read this website, you may feel unsure about working with a ghostwriter for the first time. We understand how you feel. Many of our clients felt that way at first. Yet, as a result of trusting us and the process, they found that they could easily transform their ideas into info-products with either our services or our products. With today’s technology, anyone who has something to say can write a book or have ebooks to sell for passive profits. No more excuses!


We write it like you wrote it. Only we do most of the work while you reap the rewards! We can write your book, e-book, blog post, article, and any other info-product from an idea in your head or notes in your computer file. We’ll turn your ideas into info-products from inception to completion!
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If you’ve already written your book, e-book, workbook, article, or e-course and need an eagle eye to polish it to perfection, let WritersWay make you proud of the infoproducts you distribute into the marketplace. We offer copyediting services from simple proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation to more in-depth rewriting for clarity, impact, and flow.


Private Coaching

Kick Butt Book: 90 minute coaching/consulting

To get you started on writing your first book or ebook, we’ll discuss your goals, uncover any challenges, review your subject, market, and titles, and set a plan and timetable to create your outline, gather content, and write your book.

Write to Me: Email support—Up to 20 emails per month

Sometimes it’s easier to express your ideas and obstacles in writing. Sometimes you need accountability for your actions to move forward, to get unstuck, or to get clarity and feedback. Sometimes email is quicker and more convenient than the phone. Ask your questions and receive answers.

Action Accountability: 15 minutes per week for 3 months

Accountability check-ins will keep you on track until you get your book done. We’ll talk by phone or Skype once per week. When you know you have a weekly check-in, you’re more likely to stay on schedule.

Fast Track to Success: Half day consultation

In 4 hours, we’ll lay out the strategy to get your book or ebook written. We’ll choose your subject and market, brainstorm titles, develop your table of contents, figure out where your content will come from and how to organize it, and set up a strategy and schedule to get your book completed in 3 months or less. We’ll plan for support and accountability so you stay on track. We work together either in person, by phone, or by Skype.

Group Coaching


  1. Monthly Q&A telecalls
  2. 6-week telecourse
    Part I, Part II

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Research, Marketing, Publishing, Distribution

We’ll research your subject area when necessary to add to your existing content for any project. We offer marketing support with powerful website content, article writing and distribution, e-zines, press releases, and blogs. We provide resources for publishing, design, printing, and distribution of your book and other infoproducts.

Information Products & Marketing Materials

We write and edit these information products:

  • Books
  • E-books
  • E-courses
  • Reports & White Papers
  • Teleclass & Webinar Content
  • Workbooks & Manuals

We write and edit these marketing materials:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • E-zines & Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Websites

Ask about our Package Programs that offer discounts for multiple services and long-term contracts.

Who can benefit from WritersWay services? Authors, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, and service professionals all need and want information products and marketing materials. Whether you’re in San Diego, California or San Sebastian, Spain, let WritersWay provide you with infoproducts that showcase your expertise and provide passive income. Let WritersWay provide you with marketing materials that attract clients and boost your bottom line. With WritersWay on your team, your book, e-book, e-zine, website, and blog will get written NOW—and you’ll be on your way to greater profits!

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