Why do I need a ghostwriter, copyeditor, or book coach?

A large percentage of books and ebooks are written by ghostwriters rather than the author. The most knowledgeable experts on any subject often lack the time, skills, or discipline to write a book, yet they would like to share their expertise with a wider audience. And even the most accomplished authors cannot see their own errors in grammar, punctuation, and more as they concentrate on utilizing their writing skills, which often do not include editing. A ghostwriter, copyeditor, or book coach will write, research, edit, and/or coach you until your book is ready to be published professionally. You will be guided from the germ of an idea to the gem of a finished product to your meteoric rise on the Amazon bestseller list. An expert will assist so you can effectively, efficiently, and expertly turn your ideas into books or ebooks you can be proud of and that will provide prestige and profit.

How can I find an expert ghostwriter, copyeditor, or book coach?

Since you will be in a relationship with your writer, editor, or book coach anywhere from 12 days to 12 months or more, you want someone you like and trust. You can ask for referrals from those you respect who have had a good experience using these services. You can do an Internet search varying your keywords, such as ghostwriting, freelance ghostwriter, book ghost writer, copyeditor, book editor, book coach, etc. Visit their websites and learn all you can based on their content, bios, and testimonials. Contact your top three picks to set up a phone consultation. Notice how responsive and reliable they are. Ask questions to determine if you are compatible, and get samples of their work as well as a proposal of costs, services, policies, and timelines. Make sure they have a refund option if it doesn’t work out. You can work with anyone anywhere as most of the contact is done through emails and phone calls. As a San Diego ghostwriter, editor, and book coach, I’ve worked with authors all over the world.

What is the process?

After an initial phone or Zoom consultation, you will receive a sample edit (if editing) and an estimate. After the quote is accepted, you will sign a contract and send a deposit. Another phone call (or live meeting) will be scheduled to discuss the scope of the project and the level of participation of the ghostwriter, copyeditor, or book coach—after which timelines are set up. We may decide to talk on the phone once a week, or have an email check-in on a regular basis. For ghostwriting, you may provide content via notes, previous documents, a rough draft, transcripts, audiotapes, or phone interviews. All services are totally customized to fit your needs, and turnaround times vary based on the scope of the project.

How are fees determined?

Estimates are prepared based on the length of the book, the amount of available content provided by the author, the extent of editing needed, the frequency of the book coaching, and other details concerning the project. Ghostwriting and book coaching are based on an estimate of time and may be charged by the hour or project. Editing is based on word count. WritersWay is flexible in terms of payments and timelines, so almost anyone interested in getting a book or ebook written and published can achieve that goal.

Do you offer any other services besides ghostwriting, copyediting, and book coaching?

WritersWay is a totally customizable resource for authors to get their books written, published, and marketed. We do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our newest service is the ABC: A Book Critique. We also offer "Your Fabulous First Book 8-Week Coaching Program" as well as webinars, talks, and classes to teach aspiring nonfiction authors how to write and publish books. We work with graphic designers to help you produce a professional product. To stay current on our services and to receive periodic writing, publishing, and marketing tips, subscribe to our mailing list.