Publisher Rocket

If you’ve ever wondered what keywords would perform best for your book or what categories you should use for your book or how much your competitors are making with their book, you need Publisher Rocket. It was specifically created for authors who wish to sell more books and ebooks by providing this essential information.

The Complete Self-Publishing Package

From printing to promotion, this package provides the tools that help you navigate your self-publishing journey to publish like a professional author. It includes professional cover design and interior book design and formatting for your ebook and printed book, 25 custom‐printed books, global ebook distribution to 60+ online stores, worldwide printed book distribution with Print On Demand, ISBN barcode for ebook and printed books sales reporting, Facebook and Instagram Ads for Authors, and more. You can modify the Complete Self‐Publishing Package to your exact needs.

Pro Writing Aid

ProWritingAid is the ideal software for new writers who want to improve their writing. It analyzes your writing and presents its findings in over 20 different reports including grammar, style, repeats, pronouns, and transitions. It’s so effective you may not even need my services as a copyeditor anymore!

Nonfiction Authors Association

The Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA) is a vibrant educational community for aspiring and experienced writers to connect, exchange ideas, and learn about writing, publishing, promoting, and profiting from nonfiction books. NFAA is over 14,000 members strong with members covering many genres of nonfiction books including business, self-development, health and fitness, memoir, history, how-to, science, creative nonfiction, and reference. Enjoy the many resources to help authors write, publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books that impact readers. I recommend the “Course Bundle” which includes 12 courses including author/publisher business startup, own your niche, and social media for authors.

Greenleaf Book Group

Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor dedicated to empowering authors. They partner with authors on every aspect of developing and promoting their books, from expert branding to book creation, promotion, and retail distribution. They are able to take books through full project development and production all the way to bookstore shelves. Their award-winning team works with authors to create an exceptional book and design a custom-built strategy to ensure its success in the retail market.

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