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I write it like you wrote it. This is called ghostwriting. Only I do most of the work while you reap the rewards! I can write your book or ebook from an idea in your head, notes in your computer file, or transcriptions from your recordings or interviews. Let an award-winning ghostwriter write the book you’ve always dreamed of, one on which you’ll be proud to see your name.


If you’ve already written your book or ebook and need an eagle eye to clean it up and polish it to perfection. Let WritersWay make you thrilled with your written masterpiece. I offer editing services from simple proofreading for format, spelling, grammar, and punctuation to more in-depth copyediting, developmental editing, and rewriting for clarity, impact, and flow. All levels of editing are offered based on whatever you need to whip your book or ebook into a professional product ready for publishing.

There are 2 typos of people in this world: Those who can edit and those who can’t.
~ Jarod Kintz

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Book Coaching

As an emerging author, you may need book coaching to help you get started writing your first book or ebook. We’ll discuss your goals and plans, uncover any potential challenges, review your subject, market, and title, and set a timetable to keep you on track as you create your outline, gather content, and write your book.

As a seasoned author, you might want book coaching for accountability, writer’s block, or feedback on your progress.

Book coaching is done either in person, by phone, or by Zoom regularly or whenever you require it. Whether you only have an idea in your head that you need to develop or you’re ready to market your published book, WritersWay has you covered.

ABC – A Book Critique

You’ve finished writing your book…but you know it still needs something, and you’re not sure what. You don’t think it’s ready to be published. Most likely it will benefit from a thorough critique or evaluation from a bestselling author and award-winning ghostwriter/copyeditor. I will read and review your book cover to cover, adding positive comments and constructive critiques throughout. And you’ll get a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter report covering strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.

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