Write Your Info-Product NOW! No Excuses!

Okay, all of you who say you want to write a book, or e-book, or other info-product, I’m going to hold you to it. I’ve created a way for you to absolutely get that product written. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it, and so have others. You can create a product in just a few days.

I have developed a unique program along with my partner Debra Simpson of www.MagicInWords.com, that we call the 3-Day Web Intensive (www.WebIntensives.com). We will begin on Friday afternoon, Sept. 26, and discuss all you need to know to start writing your product. We’ll talk about how to select a topic, a title, a vehicle, a target market, and to create a table of contents. Then we’ll look at how you will fill in the content. And you’re off… to writing.

On Saturday afternoon, we’ll have another webinar to check in to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions. Debra and I will also have e-mail response times throughout the weekend where you can e-mail us any questions that come up for you and to share your successes. Then we’ll wrap up with another webinar Sunday afternoon and make sure you’ve accomplished your goal.

Does that sound amazing? I know when I went through a test program like that I was in bliss. Since I spend so much time ghostwriting, writing, and editing for others, it was a joy to write for myself. So give yourself that gift–time to create your own info-product, that will start you on your wonderful and prosperous journey of Internet Marketing.

Remember, we have limited spaces so we can provide personalized attention. So sign up NOW at www.WebIntensives.com.

Happy Info-Products,


Andrea Susan Glass


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