Write a Resource Box That Gets People Clicking!

Now that we have covered how to write a great article, we are not quite through! The next step is getting people to respond. How do we do this you ask? We can pull in the readers by making your resource box one that viewers can’t refuse. Your resource box needs to turn potential customers into actual clients.

Your resource box is the last item that readers are left with in your article. After reading your great and compelling article, this is the point for you to seal the deal. Your resource box needs to contain basic information about yourself that gives the reader a sense that you are a trusted source and someone of accreditation. Include information on major projects you may have completed and may be known for. Include what your area of expertise is and your titles, as well as how long you have been involved with that area if it is a substantial amount of time. Do you have a PhD in Molecular Science? Here is where to place that information if your article is related to that field. This gives readers the assurance that they should be listening to you.

Furthermore, in the resource box is where you would include your website and free offer. Maybe you offer a free eBook or gift. By including this here, viewers can select your link, which redirects them to your website, and they can input their information for you to keep on your mailing list. Also, now readers have the chance to browse through your website and possibly be enticed to purchase other items or services you may be offering.

Your resource box is a great tool to let readers know who you are and what you can offer them. Spend as much time here as you would on your article to ensure you are making the most of your time and energy.


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