What To Write About When You’re All Out Of Words

When you’ve been writing a regular blog for a number of years, it’s conceivable that you’ll run out of ideas at some time. I’ve been expecting that time to come sooner than later, but I’ve managed to pull ideas out of this ancient noggin for over two years now on a regular and sometimes irregular basis. But now, I fear, I’ve run dry. I’m at a loss for words—which rarely happens for a professional writer. Yet, as a ghostwriter, I’m writing other people’s words day in and day out (and much of the night as well).

So, how do I keep my blog going without words? That’s quite embarrassing to imagine a writer running out of words. See, I don’t want to repeat myself, although, I doubt anyone reading my blog today will read what I wrote two years ago. So I could, if I so chose, repeat former blog posts. I’d probably be the only one who knew that I did that. It’s not like I’m getting thousands of readers/day!

And that’s odd, now that I mention it. When I’m writing a blog post like this one, which really isn’t one at all, is it, because I’m plum out of words, I imagine I’m talking to the ultimate reader. But since I don’t know who that is, if indeed anyone reads my blog, and since in all likelihood I’ll never meet any of my readers, I often wonder why I do this at all.

Have you ever wondered why you write a blog—if you do even write one? Like social networking, did someone tell you this is a great way to attract prospects, get leads, build your list, get traffic to your website, sell products and services, etc.? Well, I’ve heard all that—the Internet marketing gurus telling us to write blogs and articles, to Tweet every day, and to do whatever is necessary to drive traffic to our websites and convert visitors into buyers.

Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But does it work every time? You’re darn right—it doesn’t! I do believe there’s a magic formula, out there in cyberspace somewhere, that only a handful of the elite few Internet gurus seem to know where doing all this “stuff” really works! If it’s working for you, please leave a comment and let me know about how it’s working.

In the meantime, I’ve just showed you how to write 430 words of nonsense when you have nothing to write about. I guess my well isn’t completely dry, is it? A writer can always write—something!

Happy info-products profits,

Andrea Susan Glass


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