What should I write about?

It seems this is the most common question I get when people approach me about writing a book or ebook? They may have a topic in mind but don’t think they know enough or could be considered enough of an “expert” to have the nerve to write a book. I once read that if you know more about a subject than someone else, you’re an expert.

As far as what you should write about, that will be determined by the purpose of your book. I generally ask potential clients to complete a questionnaire I’ve devised, and the first question is: what is the purpose of your book — for you? The second question is: what is the purpose of the book — for your reader? I find not too many authors answer these two crucial questions before embarking on the sometimes arduous journey to writing a book.

Now if you answer these questions, the journey will be less arduous, and you’ll be clearer what to write about. For example, if the purpose of the book is to attract clients and serve as a lead generator, the topic will be the area of expertise or knowledge surrounding the service or product you provide. The book will position you as a specialist in this industry and serve as a lead generator. It could also serve to build your brand.

If the purpose of writing a book or ebook for you is to solve a particular problem you find common to a target market you serve or would like to serve, then the subject for the book is about your solutions and the benefits for the reader. The benefits the reader will get is also the answer to the 2nd question.

And if you’d just like to do research into a subject area that’s new to you but you’ve always been interested in it or curious about it, then write about that. If you want to add more products later, you can build a whole business around this new subject. It’s called building a brand or a platform, and it’s quicker to do online than in the offline world.

So, now do you know what you should write about?

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass


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