What Are You Committing to This New Year?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned over the years that New Years’ resolutions rarely work. Someone once suggested I use the word “commitment” to replace “resolution”. For what we commit to we most often achieve.

Don’t you find that when you commit to meeting a client or friend at a certain time, you show up? Whether in person or on the phone. I know I keep my commitments to others as it builds responsibility, integrity, and loyalty. Now, ask me if I keep my commitments to myself, and I’ll tell you I don’t keep them as much as I do to others.

Are you the same? Why is that? Are we any less important than the other people in our lives? Of course not! But we often put others’ needs ahead of our own. So if committing to certain actions to achieve specific goals doesn’t always work for you, then what will?

I know Wayne Dyer suggests using the word “intention” rather than goal or commitment. I heard a minister one time suggest the word “promise” as the best way to get something done.

What will work for you? Think about this. Is it just the word or is it what the word means to you? For each of us, it will be a different word, that has a different meaning—one that will move us to take action, sometimes the actions we’d prefer not to take—that will finally allow us to achieve our goals and dreams.

Say your goal is to write an ebook this year, especially since you wanted to write one last year but didn’t! What will motivate you to take the actions necessary to get it completed this year? I know for me, when I’m bullheaded about getting something done—whether it’s to find the right color towels for the bathroom in my new home or the best graphic designer for the cover of my ebook—I persist until I get that sense of accomplishment.

Where are you bullheaded in your life? Take that experience, those feelings, those thoughts, those actions, and apply them to the goals you want to achieve this year. Decide if commitment, intention, or promise is the buzzword for you, and adopt it this year. Make this the year you achieve all you desire. I know I will!

Happy New Year!


Andrea Susan Glass



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