Using Info-Products to create a business venture

What a great way to start a business! Create info-products to sell 24/7 and you have some amazing passive profits on your horizon. Just recently, I created an awesome info-product for a client, Kimberlyn Lebsock of WomenActionTakers.

Her business is brand new and it is a community for women to share ideas to grow highly profitable businesses on the Internet. It’s an opportunity for work-at-home moms, burnt out corporate execs, mid-life career changers, or young retirees to work at home, do something they enjoy, and make lots of cash. So to start her business, Kimberlyn hired me to write a home study course. I totally enjoyed creating this info-product, because I learned as I created–what a win-win!

Now this awesome product will also serve as a source for articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, membership site, and other valuable content for Kimberlyn‘s list. It will also become a 12-week webinar series, as well as an amazing hands-on 3-day seminar. I know it’s amazing, because I attended and helped develop the inaugural seminar in June.

And Kimberlyn’s info-product funnel doesn’t stop there! She will also be offering memberships, mentorships, and private one-on-one coaching. So women no longer have any excuses to not become successful in an online business.

Can you see how one info-product can start a whole empire? Who’s next???

Remember, I’m here for you. Send me comments with any questions you have on info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


One Response to Using Info-Products to create a business venture

  1. kimberlynlebsock says:

    Oh Andrea that is such a nice blog about me. I really enjoyed our time going through the informational product as well. You did such a great job. You really went all out and the content is laid out beautifully. Now it is possible for women to learn these strategies and get down to business. It is so important to know all these things upfront and working with you and the Web Designer has been just a wonderful smooth road. I do hope your message reaches out as I would not have been able to get this done without your and your beautiful talent to write. Thank you so much!
    Kimberlyn Lebsock

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