Turn What You Know Into Dough

I’m not always a big fan of these virtual book campaigns to get authors to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list for one day! But sometimes I am!

What it looks like is the author gathers a bunch of friends, associates, or complete strangers to send a specific email to their lists in exchange for the author listing this “partner” as a bonus offer if someone buys the book.

Here’s how it works: THE AUTHOR – writes and publishes the book, creates a promotional e-mail, finds joint venture partners, and puts up a web page with the book offer plus the bonuses. I’ve seen these anywhere from 10 to 50 bonuses. Not always, but many times, this strategy will catapult the book to the top of the online bestseller lists for a short time.

THE JOINT VENTURE PARTNER – creates a bonus item for the campaign, usually a downloadable MP3 or report, then sends the pre-written e-mail to their list on designated days, either one day or several days. In order to get the bonus item, the book buyer has to opt in and provide an e-mail address, so the JV partner may add a bunch of names to their list. Being on this end has added more than 100 names to my list.

THE BOOK BUYER – buys the book at Amazon, then takes the transaction code and enters it on the author’s website where the book is listed for sale. Then you’re taken to a page with all the bonus items. You can claim them by signing up to be on their mailing list. One problem I’ve found being on this end is that I never have time to claim, read, or listen to all the bonuses, plus those that I’ve claimed put me on their list and now I get way more e-mails per day than I can handle.

Since I had a good response the last time I took part in one of these, I’m involved again with the same author. Loral Langemeier takes the confusion out of financial and investing matters and makes everything crystal clear. I’ve read all her past books and am looking forward to this one.

Put More Cash in Your Pocket is a no nonsense guide to turn what you know into dough! Loral says, “You don’t have fixed potential, why accept fixed income?” By following Loral’s simple and straightforward approach, you’ll put more cash—$1,000 or more a month—into your pocket in no time. Loral has helped thousands of people make extra cash fast, people from all different backgrounds, in a variety of situations, all over the world. People just like you!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Loral’s book visit www.LiveOutLoud.com. If you want to know more about these virtual book campaigns, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you! I wonder if this would work for e-books. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass


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