Titles That Tantalize the Mind!

What is the first thing anyone sees when reading an article?

The title of course!

So obviously we could conclude that the title of the article is one of the most important elements. No reader wants to open a link to read about a topic with a boring title. One would assume that the title foreshadows the rest of the article. Regardless of how amazing your article is, if your title can’t pull any readers in, there is no one to read it. You need to ensure that viewers will want to partake in your brilliance with a title that dares them to stay away.

When choosing a title, you have to be selective. If your title is too simple, it can seem washed over and dull. You need to be able to summarize your article, get to a point, and draw readers’ attention all in a few choice words. Seems daunting? Not impossible, though. An easy trick to choosing a great title is to identify the benefits of your article. For example, if you are writing about how to wash a car, a simple title would be, “How to Wash Your Car.” Boring! A catchier title would be, “How to Wash Your Car So Others Need Shields To Block the Shine!” This tells readers what they are going to read and how they are going to benefit from the information. Now readers will want to know what the secret is to getting their car that clean.

Don’t be afraid to have a longer title, if it seems fitting. Or you can have a short punchy title, with a longer sub-title that is more explanatory. Experiment with both approaches. Tell readers in your title that they can make more money, feel better and happier, or attract more business. This is your chance to catch their eye and tap into their needs and desires, so make it irresistible. If the title doesn’t get them to read on, no one will know all the valuable information you have to impart.


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