There’s more to blogging than meets the eye

I recently met a lovely young woman at a networking event, and we got together a few days later to share ideas. Bridget Ayers of is a sharp gal, expert in the ways of blogging and social media, not to mention a technological whiz! It’s not often you meet someone so knowledgeable at such a young age. Our time together was rich with sharing ideas and tips on both sides—Bridget with her blogging and social media knowledge, me with my mission to turn everyone’s’ expertise into info-products.

Bridget’s main site is a membership site for entrepreneurial women who are serious about attaining financial independence, realizing their dreams, and living their passion. Her resources for members only include discussion groups, a resource library, skill-building articles, downloadable products, video and news updates, interviews with industry experts, tech tools, and weekly tips and tricks. What I gained most from my meeting with Bridget, was her valuable knowledge of blogging. I’m a total newbie at this and am thrilled to get 10 or more visitors a day and an occasional comment.

Bridget gets an average of 2,500 visitors a day at her fascinating blog, She filled me in on clues on how to grow my blog presence through sites like and With our laptops at the ready, she walked me through these two sites showing me how to build community. Yes, bloggers have communities too just like the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the countless others. She looked at my blog and showed me all kinds of tips—things even a techno-phobe like me could do. I plan to implement some of them as soon as I have a spare moment, and report back to my blog audience—which I hope will be ever growing as I turn Bridget’s wise advice into action.

Happy blogging & happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass


2 Responses to There’s more to blogging than meets the eye

  1. GetSmartGal says:

    Andrea, I want to thank you for writing this wonderful post about me. I really enjoyed our time together and look forward to our future interactions!! Still considering the Get Smart Women info-product funnel, now I just need to get all the information pulled together and get it over to you. 🙂 Exciting stuff!!

  2. ssgreylord says:

    just hopped over from bridget’s site and was impressed with both her post and what i read about you here. i thought your whole idea of a product funnel was fascinating. i’m glad you could connect with bridget-i am one of the 2500 who visit and enjoy her blog daily. take care and best of luck in your ventures.

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