The Work of an Internet Marketer is Never Done

Well, I have to say, I’m still stuck at the autoresponder stage. An Internet marketer’s autoresponder is one of the most essential tools in the toolkit. Not being very technical, I am searching for a program I can easily use so I will not be intimidated, thereby being remiss in sending out my all important emails to my list. With my last website makeover, I finally mastered the art of my website’s back end and I can’t tell you how powerful that makes me feel. Now I can make changes at my whim!

So I checked out another autoresponder last week, and when the trial version kept asking me about FTP this and FTP that, I lost it. Now I have about three more to check out, and I promise I will make my decision this week. The reason I say I need this autoresponder decided on first, is that when I send out press releases, articles, and emails to my list, people will be coming in droves to my website to opt in and I want to have the right autoresponder set up.

In the meantime, I’m putting everything in place to go forward. The press release is written and the press release sites have been checked out. I submitted about 15 press releases last week for my upcoming free webinars on August 27 and September 9, so now I have accounts at all the press sites. Submitting future releases will be a quick job next time. (By the way, if you’re interested in my webinars on producing and promoting info-products for passive profits, you can sign up at

I’m almost finished getting my database up to date, so I will be able to load all my names into the autoresponder program. And then I will have to create the emails and write a bunch of articles to submit.

An Internet marketer’s job is never done…

Happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass,


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