The Saga of the Search for Internet Marketing Success Continues

Where we left off last time was that I finally had my new website up, give or take a few tweaks, and I felt the next step was to promote it. Yes, I’m all fired up to tackle my promotional plan. Nothing can stop me now. Or can it? Well, just one teeny thing. I want to make sure I have a good autoresponder program to accept email addresses that will pour in through my new opt-in box on my website with an amazing offer no one will be able to resist! My host has an adequate autoresponder but not up to the standards I will need if I want to become an Internet marketing mogul!

So, I go through my notes on all the autoresponders I had researched last summer when I hired a college intern to do some writing and administrative tasks for me. I like some of them that are fairly reasonable in cost, but they are limited because I can’t enter my own names, only ones that have opted in will work. I’d like to get around that option.

I have been testing out a virtually unknown autoresponder for the last several months but it hasn’t performed up to my standard and has been hard for me to use. A colleague suggested an autoresponder program that I would actually buy and own rather than paying a monthly fee. So I took a tour the other day and jotted off an email to customer service to see what kind of support I would get with the program. Four days later and I haven’t heard back.

So now I’m 7 months into my project of creating an info-product, which began with creating a spiffy new website, which now needs an autoresponder, which I am still researching. What next?? Stay tuned to find out…

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass,


2 Responses to The Saga of the Search for Internet Marketing Success Continues

  1. jerryl says:

    Hey Andrea,
    I would suggest Aweber, I think it’s about the best
    avalible. There is a monthly fee of course, but you get what you pay for. I just pay for a year at a time.
    Anyway very good product, with good support.
    Enjoy your blog and will be returning in the future.

  2. TYMINSKA Karolina says:

    Thanks for sharing that! Nice post. I just glanced through it.

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