The Long & Winding Path to Creating My Info-product!

Like everyone who is making good money online, I too wanted to sell information products, but I’ve been too busy writing them for everyone else. So, determined to get my info-product written and marketed this year, I set about a plan. I had to look at the end result I wanted and backtrack to where I needed to start. Thinking this would be a simple path, I discovered it was anything but simple.

For me, the writing is the simple part, but everything else was a bit convoluted. Here is how my year has gone thus far. When I backtracked to the beginning, I knew I needed to have a decent website from which to sell my products and services. As a professional writer I might be a bit of a perfectionist, but hey, that’s what makes me good at what I do! So I started creating all new content for my website over the December holidays. This took several months as I spend the bulk of my time writing for others, so I had to sneak some late evenings and weekends to work on my own website.

Now I also needed a new look, so I had to search for a good, but affordable graphic design firm. That took several months of interviewing and reviewing logo designs, after two designers bailed on me. Then another several months of getting the design firm I eventually hired to get the look that I wanted. Whew!

Fast forward six months and I’m finally happy (well, make that content) with my web copy and logo design. Now to upload it. I have a template site where I can do the uploading myself with a little help from my host. I actually did hire a virtual assistant to do this for me, but that didn’t quite work out. (Am I getting the hint here that I can’t find good support?)

So after several multi-hour phone calls, I got the site done. Then after I published it, several errors showed up with fonts and spacing, so another two weeks until the host fixed those. Okay, so we’re around six months into the project of creating an info-product, and all I’ve done is get new content and a new logo for my website. Well, hey that’s pretty good. So before I move on to the next step, I need to take some time to promote my new site. Might as well. Another month will be spent on this, another month without an info-product…

Stay tuned for my next blog as I continue the saga. In the meantime, check out my cool new site let me know what you think. Also, if you can learn something from this story so far, it’s that you should hire me to write your info-products and web copy and you’ll get them a whole lot sooner than I will!!

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass,


One Response to The Long & Winding Path to Creating My Info-product!

  1. Joe Cavell says:

    Wow! What a story. It is typical though. Many people are going through a very similar experience as you and have stumbled just as you have.

    I give you credit for your perseverance. Learning the basics of internet marketing can go a long way in helping you succeed online.

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