The fun in info-product creation

My good friend and business associate Kimberlyn Lebsock suggested she and I suggest blog titles for each other, so this was her title. She knows how complex this Internet business can be so she always says we need to have fun with it. I guess I didn’t think it was so much fun when my business e-mail got shut down yesterday as my newly revamped website was being uploaded. And hooray, it’s uploaded today, only to find that there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed.

Okay, you found out my secret. I’m a perfectionist! That works well for my business as a ghostwriter and copyeditor, and my clients appreciate it, but come on—six months to redo my website. Oh well, just another few days and I’ll make the big announcement. Now it’s time for the fun to start.

I will let everyone I can think of know about my new website. I will be able to start selling my affiliate products. AND—here’s the big AND—I will now be ready to create my OWN info-products. This is where the fun comes in, as Kimberlyn reminds me. When I write for others, it’s enjoyable, but it’s their subjects and their products. When I get down to creating my own info-products—I WILL HAVE FUN!

So let the fun begin. When are you going to create your first info-product?

Have a fun day!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


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