Take an Independence Day Off From Info-products

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Today I’m giving you the day off from thinking about your info-products. But only one day off. And if you want, you can be thinking about them even today. I once wrote an article about the history of Independence Day, as well as the origin of other holidays. Hmmmmmmmmm. Can you see the possibility of an e-book on holiday origins?

You can write an e-book on an idea like holiday origins as an independent info-product that’s not even remotely connected to your primary business. Tom Antion has been very successful putting up single sales pages for his e-books on wedding toasts, eulogies, etc. which is somewhat removed from his primary focus in helping people become great marketers and speakers.

If you’re not all that jazzed about writing info-products in the area of your primary business, be it real estate or financial planning, or if you don’t really have a primary focus because you may be a business consultant or life coach without a specialty, choosing an entirely new subject like holiday origins can be fun.

The key is to do some keyword research and search engine checking to see if there’s an interest and to see what’s out there. Then match that to your interests, knowledge, experience and passion! And you’ll have a winner!

So, enjoy the holiday today and take a day off from info-products. But I’ll expect you to be back on track tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day!


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of www.WritersWay.com


One Response to Take an Independence Day Off From Info-products

  1. Andrea,
    I followed your advice and took the day off as well. Then, tomorrow, it will be back to articles and eBooks, and planning for my next teleseminar. Happy 4th of July!

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