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Building Teams & Partnerships: Your VA, Coach, Mentor, JV Partners, Associates, Referrals, Clients…

No one ever succeeds alone, in a vacuum, as an island—and all those other clichés. Believe me, I tried. I’ve been single and self-employed a long time and had many excuses as to why I could “do it all myself”!

I can’t afford it! (You know that one!)

No one is as capable as I am! (Really?)

It takes more time to tell someone what to do than if I just do it myself! (If you know HOW to do it!)

What’s been your excuse for being a SOLO-preneuer? And how is it working for you? All I know is it wasn’t working for me. Not only didn’t I have enough time to do everything myself, but I certainly didn’t have the knowledge. I’ve found in running every business, especially an Internet marketing business, there are three essentials for success: TIME * MONEY * KNOWLEDGE

I’m sure there are more ingredients to success, but these are the three I come up against all the time—the three that stop me cold. I run out of time (gee, we all need to sleep sometime); I run out of money (hey, I’m an entrepreneur; I can’t predict each month’s income); I run out of knowledge (I’m smart but I don’t know everything and sometimes I don’t even know what I don’t know—you know that one!)

Knowledge I can get—I can read books, take classes, hire a pro—although sometimes I just can’t grasp the knowledge if it’s technical or over my head, and sometimes I just don’t have the money to hire the pro or I can’t find a reliable one. Money I have, from time to time—and when I do I’ll pay for a class, a coach, or a pro. Time—well we all have the same 1,440 minutes/day! And I know I spent a good deal of them facing a digital display, but I always seem to run out! How ‘bout you?

So, this is where your TEAM or PARTNERSHIPS come into play. Where do you need assistance—with knowledge, money, or time? Where can you get these resources? From others who have them and are willing to share them with you. If I need more knowledge, like how to set up a shopping cart, I can hire a pro like a VA (virtual assistant), or tech guru, or shopping cart specialist. If I find someone I like who’s capable, they become part of my team. The next time I need that service, I’ve got someone.

What if I need more money? If I want more clients, I can contact my referral partners, my past clients, or my business associates. I can ask for new business or referrals. My strongest referral partners, such as strategic alliances and satisfied clients, are now on my marketing team.

And if I need more time, I either get a coach to teach me better time management skills or hire pros such as VAs to do the tasks I shouldn’t be doing because they don’t net me the highest income: like managing my database, sending out my newsletter, or running an email campaign. Or I create a joint venture or partnership where we can share the load.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss the power of the MasterMind…

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Working Smart with a Smart VA


I wanted to continue with my VA saga, because I want you to know that it’s so important to have support to succeed online. I can see the difference now and before in terms of what I can accomplish. I hadn’t yet reached the level of success in my ghostwriting and copyediting business, because I didn’t always have the time to promote myself. Now with a competent VA, I have her do most of my online marketing.

 And I’ve complained here in my blog before that I don’t have the time to write my own info-products because I’m too busy writing them for my clients. But with a competent VA, I have a lot more time to work on my own projects, namely my info-products.

 In order to be successful online, I knew I needed a good foundation. To me that was an excellent autoresponder/shopping cart program. I’d procrastinated choosing one like Aweber or Constant Contact because they overwhelmed me technically, and I couldn’t find one that seemed to fill all my needs yet was user-friendly. Now, I not only have a great program, WAHMCart, but a VA who is trained in it and knows the program so well, I don’t need to know it!

 Another part of my foundation was having someone with technical ability, who could do website updates, html newsletters, and more. Rather than paying for a costly web designer or other tech person, I have it all in my VA. It took me six months to learn and redesign my website. Staci started updating it the first day she logged in!

 So now I have the two primary foundational pieces to start building my Internet business: a great autoresponder/shopping cart program and an awesome VA! The program allows me to collect names, build my list, stay in contact with my list, add affiliate programs, and sell products. Staci, my VA, has given me the greatest gift—my time! She gets the tasks done on time and thinks outside the box. I have her doing all my online marketing and many of my admin chores. I am not a Twitterer, but now I don’t have to be. Facebook overwhelms me, but now Staci can do that for me. And I’m able to do so much more of what I’m good at—writing, editing, and teaching!

For example, I held my first teleclass interview this month and had a total of about three dozen attendees and people who followed up after the class! I could never have done all the PR I did with articles, blogs, press releases, and social media without Staci. And I have another interview lined up for next month. Over the Labor Day holidays I will be primed to get back to writing my e-book that will launch my info-product line.

Build your foundations and you’ll experience your info-product success!

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

There’s the Wrong VA and the Right VA—and a world of difference in between

I know this is a bit off the topic of info-products, but I’ve found that if you want to be successful with your info-products and the whole Internet marketing business, you absolutely cannot do it all by yourself! I know; I’ve been at it for more years than I’d like to reveal. And it’s not that I didn’t want any support, but I’m so efficient myself (as a ghostwriter and copyeditor I’m very meticulous!) that it’s difficult to find someone up to my standards.

So a few years ago I set out to get some support in the form of a college intern. I thought I’d find someone I didn’t have to pay and would love to learn my business. Well, think again. I did have to pay, though not very much. I hired an English major at a local college and had her write my articles, blogs, and some of my clients’ articles and blogs. They were fairly decent, though I had to clean up most of them. But when I needed her to do research and other stuff online, she was not very experienced at that. Plus her boyfriend needed her, and she had homework….

My next attempt was to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) who was just getting started. I met her at a networking event and she seemed eager to build her practice. The first week on the job, I got an email from her husband the day a bunch of stuff was due, saying that she broke her thumb. I never heard from her again. I had to hustle to complete the work that was on deadline.

Next, I hired another new VA (hadn’t I learned my lesson yet) who I met at yet another networking event, who was also eager to build her client base. I gave her, with complete trust, ALL the business cards I’d collected over the years that I’d never gotten into a database, but always said I would. I put each into different envelopes with the different categories. A month later, way past my desired timeline, she returned my cards and an Excel spreadsheet with about half the names in the wrong categories and about one quarter of the email addresses (and other data) misspelled. I learned that tragic fact after emails started bouncing back. I kid you not, it took me a year of late nights to get that whole thing cleaned up!

Well, it was a long time before I decided to try again. This time I met a “seasoned” VA at an Internet marketing boot camp. She came highly recommended, so I put her to work right away with a list of chores and timelines. I don’t know if it’s me, but the work never came in on time and was never completed to my satisfaction. She eventually faded away, never responding to my last emails wondering where we were in terms of time left on our contract.

Just as well! I was about finished with the idea of finding someone who could help me and do it right! About a week after I misplaced my last VA, I got an email from the owner of an autoresponder service I’d been considering signing up for that she had trained several VAs in her software. I trusted this woman and liked her program, so I contacted the three VAs and that’s how I found Staci. I’m here to attest to the power of patience, perseverance and sticking to your values. I wanted someone as attentive to details as I am, and I found her in Staci Jansma (www.StaciJansma.com).

I’m over my typical limit on the size of my blog post, so to be continued…

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

What’s the Vision of WritersWayBlog anyway?

Recently I’ve posted my blog to a ton of online blog directories, so I’m bracing myself for an onslaught of new readers. That would be great! It’s so weird writing blogs never knowing if anyone’s going to read them. I mean, I think what I have to say is great stuff, and I would love for others who need this info. to read it too and benefit from it. But it’s a vast world out there in cyberspace and the blogosphere. So how do I attract lots of readers to WritersWayBlog when everyone is sooooooo busy doing and going and reading so much stuff?

 I guess it takes time to build up a readership. Blogs are not for everyone, but once you start reading them, you realize it’s a great way to grab some great content quicker than anything else around. Especially if the blog posts are short and to the point—and not meandering like this one is!

 What I wanted to share here for new readers is the vision of WritersWayBlog. My blog serves as an extension of my website www.WritersWay.com. It’s more accessible, it’s more updatable, and it’s more current. I like the fact that I can post a new blog in under 15 minutes, but it takes hours for me to do any updates on my website.

So, what WritersWayBlog is about is reaching anyone—individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches, speakers, and more—who wants to touch more people with their ideas, wisdom, and expertise and to create passive profits. These people have some great experience and expertise to share with others, but as a service provider they can only help one person at a time. However, with a book, e-book, and other info-products, they can literally reach and impact millions.

WritersWayBlog is a source of information and inspiration to help YOU transform your ideas into info-products; to turn your wisdom in words; to turn your information into income! I also delve into the vast world of Internet marketing because writing your book or e-book is only the first step; you must promote it if you want to help people and make money!

Let me know how I can help. Let me know if you have topics you want more information on. Leave comments so I know someone besides me, my cat, and my VA are reading this!

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Learning Internet Marketing From the Best

Andrea & Adam

Well—I’m back from Adam Urbanski’s 4-day intensive Info Profit Success Bootcamp. And what a whirlwind 4 days! If you’ve ever been to a 4-day seminar you’ll know what I mean. It’s like being in an alternate universe where everyone talks the same language, everyone has the same goals, everyone is in this insular environment removed from the outside world. Like I said, it’s an intensive because it’s intense! And I needed a week to come back into the world and integrate what I learned.

Mostly, I gathered a ton of resources and tools to build a successful Internet marketing venture. Then I met a ton of great people with whom I made connections–either to learn from them, do joint ventures with them, or just build a relationship and see where that goes.

I equate an Internet marketing business to a machine with many moving parts. Yet, in order for the machine to work properly, you have to do first things first (so says bestselling author Stephen Covey). But figuring out what to do first is always a challenge.

For me, it’s determining my niche market and niche topic. So I finally decided I’d put together a survey and get some answers. I’ll have that link posted in the next blog if you’re interested in participating. Next I know I have to build a list. First things first means getting a good autoresponder/email program to collect names on my www.WritersWay.com website and put up a squeeze page to collect names for my new Internet marketing business. And the very next thing is to start creating info-products.

After that it’s producing products, selling and promoting products, building traffic, following up, etc. A bit overwhelming for me. But one great success of the bootcamp is I hired a Virtual Assistant to help me with some of the moving parts.

I’ll keep you posted as I progress. And let me know how you’re doing as well.

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Write a Book or E-book to Promote Your Business


How are you promoting your online business these days? Blogs are great! Articles are effective too. And social networking is all the rage. But have you explored the power of writing a book or e-book or other information products?
As a small business owner, online marketer, or service professional you must promote yourself by standing out from your competitors. Writing a book or e-book is a prefect way to do that. A book positions you as the expert, you become the go-to person in your industry, you’re the specialist for your targeted niche, and you can now call yourself “author.”
A book or e-book can also provide passive profits for your Internet marketing business or real world service business. Your information products sell 24/7 while you sleep, travel, or write the next book! And it becomes a powerful promotional tool to attract more clients. Here are some of the many ways you can use your book or e-book to promote your business:
 Give away an e-book on your website when someone opts in to your mailing list
 Create a joint venture where you use your e-book as a bonus item
 Offer a free book when you give a talk or an e-book when you give a teleclass
 Give your e-book away as a viral marketing tool with links to your website inside
 Donate your book as a raffle prize at networking events
 Sell your books at charity events and donate a portion to the charity
 Take a booth at a trade show or industry conference and give books away as a lead generator
Be certain the book or e-book you write is on a subject in line with your knowledge and expertise so you can build your brand identity. Start writing your book, e-book, or other info-product and watch the clients flock and the profits soar.

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass

You Must Research Your Keywords to Optimize Your Website

Google Adwords

In my goal to develop my own information products, I’m moving right along in my plan. I originally got waylaid from creating an info-product, because I felt I had to re-write my website. That done, I then found I needed to do a few things before promoting my new site, such as getting a competent autoresponder. And although I’m still working on getting my autoresponder in place, what I’ve come to realize in putting any business together and especially an Internet marketing based business, is that you can’t let one hold up hold you up! So while you may be waiting for your web designer to finish your site, you could be writing articles, setting up your blog, or running around the web making friends (and hopefully business contacts) on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or whatever the newest social site is!

I’m still checking out a few autoresponders, waiting for a response from them to check out their customer support, so I need to move on to the next order of business. For me, that is getting my database together so I can send out announcements when my site is ready to go, which will be when my autoresponder is set up. At least that’s all I thought I’d need to do for my site to be “perfect.” That is until one of my colleagues hooked me up with a search engine specialist who checked out my rankings and told me to “get them keywords in there girlfriend!” Which means I need to have 1-2% keyword density on each page.

Darn! You know as a perfectionist writer, I only spent the last 6 months re-writing my website. Now I have to go back and make sure I have keyword density on each page??? Just another delay—no big deal. Hey, I’m a writer, that’s what I do. Only problem is, I’m going to need to set aside a few hours to do—ta da!!—keyword research. In case you find yourself in such a situation, here are some tools I’ve found useful for keyword research: www.GoodKeywords.comwww.freekeywords.wordtracker.com, and https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal.

I’ll let you know how I made out on my keyword research and optimizing my website pages in my next blog. Stay posted…

Happy Info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

The Long & Winding Path to Creating My Info-product!

Like everyone who is making good money online, I too wanted to sell information products, but I’ve been too busy writing them for everyone else. So, determined to get my info-product written and marketed this year, I set about a plan. I had to look at the end result I wanted and backtrack to where I needed to start. Thinking this would be a simple path, I discovered it was anything but simple.

For me, the writing is the simple part, but everything else was a bit convoluted. Here is how my year has gone thus far. When I backtracked to the beginning, I knew I needed to have a decent website from which to sell my products and services. As a professional writer I might be a bit of a perfectionist, but hey, that’s what makes me good at what I do! So I started creating all new content for my website over the December holidays. This took several months as I spend the bulk of my time writing for others, so I had to sneak some late evenings and weekends to work on my own website.

Now I also needed a new look, so I had to search for a good, but affordable graphic design firm. That took several months of interviewing and reviewing logo designs, after two designers bailed on me. Then another several months of getting the design firm I eventually hired to get the look that I wanted. Whew!

Fast forward six months and I’m finally happy (well, make that content) with my web copy and logo design. Now to upload it. I have a template site where I can do the uploading myself with a little help from my host. I actually did hire a virtual assistant to do this for me, but that didn’t quite work out. (Am I getting the hint here that I can’t find good support?)

So after several multi-hour phone calls, I got the site done. Then after I published it, several errors showed up with fonts and spacing, so another two weeks until the host fixed those. Okay, so we’re around six months into the project of creating an info-product, and all I’ve done is get new content and a new logo for my website. Well, hey that’s pretty good. So before I move on to the next step, I need to take some time to promote my new site. Might as well. Another month will be spent on this, another month without an info-product…

Stay tuned for my next blog as I continue the saga. In the meantime, check out my cool new site let me know what you think. Also, if you can learn something from this story so far, it’s that you should hire me to write your info-products and web copy and you’ll get them a whole lot sooner than I will!!

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

Can Anyone Learn to Write—Well & Fast?

As a ghostwriter, I am available for anyone who needs to get something written but doesn’t have the time or talent! Or just plain doesn’t enjoy writing. Yet, some people don’t hire me because they feel they can’t afford it OR they like to be in complete control and have a tough time delegating to others. When I work with someone, it really is like a relationship—we have to work together and communicate well.

So if you are one of those who isn’t about to hire a writer, what can you do? Well if you run an Internet based business, let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of writing to do. You have your website content, articles, blog posts, reports, information products, emails, and more. There is a heck of a lot of writing needed with Internet marketing.

Yet, I do believe almost anyone can learn to write—well and fast! My services as a ghostwriter are for the “I-do-it-for-you” crowd. And my webinars and future info-products are for the “Do-it-yourself” crowd. I’ve been teaching how to write info-products in webinars for about a year, and pretty soon I’ll be holding my first 3-day web intensive in September. I’m confident that I can teach anyone the basics of writing all the materials they need to conduct a successful online venture.

A lot of what needs to be written can be boiled down into formulas or templates. Once you’ve written your first article, your second will go a whole lot faster. Once you’ve sweated over writing your first website, the second will require a lot less sweat. And once you’ve created your first e-book, you’ll be the info-product pro.

So, yes I believe anyone can write—with the proper guidance and support. Stay posted to find out more about how I will be doing this. And keep writing—it’s the best practice to perfect your skill!

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

Internet Marketers Use Ghostwriters–Both Copy Writers & Content Writers

I’ve been studying the top Internet marketing gurus for awhile, and all of them teach their students to delegate as much as possible—especially the tasks they are either not good at or not fond of. Well, unless you’re a professional writer like me, the average person does not really like to write. And even those who do like it or who tolerate it are not that good at it. The wisest and most successful of these online business owners know when it makes good business sense to hire a professional.

Now I do want to make a distinction about the different kinds of writers, because most people don’t know this. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who will write for you—maybe it’s your articles, newsletter or e-zine, reports, blog posts, website copy, books, e-books, or other information products—and not sign their name. You put your name on the article, e-book, etc. as if you wrote it. Now a ghostwriter may be a copywriter who writes sales COPY like on sales pages, websites, any direct mail or e-mail copy that is designed to motivate the reader to purchase the product. While another type of ghostwriter—like myself—is more of a CONTENT writer, who writes information products such as books, e-books, e-courses, reports, blog posts, and articles. I like to say: A COPY writer SELLS, while a CONTENT writer TELLS!

As a content writer, my writing is not designed for selling. Once the copywriter moves the prospect to buy, the information they buy will be written by the content writer. My writing provides information, education, inspiration, entertainment, or motivation. It delivers the value that is promised by the copywriter. I love research, I love ideas, I love learning, and I’ve been a teacher of sorts all my life. That makes me the perfect content writer.

Can you see how the copywriter and content writer support each other? And of course, both are necessary for any Internet marketing business. If you are building your Internet business, consider adding both of these kinds of ghostwriters to your team.

Feel free to contact me for my free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for me to be on your team.

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com


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