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How Can A Blog Help Your Internet Business?

I ask myself this question every day when I think about whether I should post today and if I do what I should write about and will anyone read it and if they do will they buy my services or products? That’s a lot of questions to ask and a lot of unanswered questions. If you wonder these same things too, let’s see if we can explore the answers together. If you happen to land on this blog and have some answers, please post a comment. And if you didn’t know this, when you leave a comment, you can have a link back to your website. My blog will have comments which means it looks like someone has read it, and you will get a free link to your site. So it’s a win for everyone.

Anyway, back to the questions. First, should I post today? Or how often should I post? I don’t know the answer to that, yet what I do know is every time I post I get a Google alert within a few hours. That means that Google is out there poking around the web picking up fresh content. This is a good thing. It raises your ranking in the search engines. I started out posting twice/week, then abandoned it altogether. Then started back daily, now it’s every other day. If I get a lot of visits, I’m encouraged to post more often; if I get fewer visits, I cut back. This is not a definitive answer by any means. You’ll have to feel it out and see what works best for you.

Next, what should I write about? Well, your area of expertise and your niche market primarily. I ghostwrite information products so I write mostly about that. However, Internet marketing is a broad topic area, so I have written about creating and marketing e-books, books, and other info-products, and peripherally about marketing through blogs, articles, and social networking. Lots to write about, and all of it is in my area of expertise. And some days, like today, I’m writing about what’s on my mind. Or I might write about something in the news that is connected to my topic.

Will anyone read my blog? At first I got little traffic, then it started to build, and one day I had peak traffic. I followed the comments and the links and found that Google blogs was responsible for a lot of that traffic and the subject and keywords were what drew the audience. I continue to investigate how people find blogs and what I can do to attract more traffic. It’s an ongoing learning process.

And lastly, will visitors buy my services and products? At this point, I don’t know the answer. I think if you get repeat visits you start to build a fan base. As people follow your blog, they get to know and respect you and if they have a need they may take the plunge and buy something from you. Because we can all get so much FREE information on the web, you have to make a good case for someone to take out their credit card and pay for information. This, too, is something I continue to investigate in the hopes of uncovering the mystery of selling online. It might help to have an email capture on your blog, and you will need HTML to do that.

If you have any answers to some of these questions, please leave your comments. I truly believe regular blogging should be part of any Internet marketing plan. Mix it up with your articles, press releases, advertising, and social networking and you have a recipe for success.

Happy Info-Products.


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

If you only knew how easy it is to create your Info-products

What are you passionate about? What can you talk about with no encouragement at all? What are you really good at that other people want to know about? What can you teach others? If you can answer any of these questions easily, you are on your way to your first info-product. Because, usually, deciding what topic to focus on is what trips up most people.

Take my case, for example. I ghostwrite books, e-books, blogs, articles, e-courses, etc. for my clients. So I’m thinking, what would my target audience want to learn from me in an info-product? They probably don’t want to learn how to write because that’s what they hire me for. BUT—and here’s the big BUT—I may have to reach a slightly different target market for my information products. There are probably some coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, and service providers who either don’t have the budget to hire me, or would like to give it a go, writing their own info-products.

SO—my services are for the “I DO IT FOR YOU” crowd and my info-products could be for the “DO IT YOURSELF” crowd. Similar market, slight difference. Can you see how this applies to you? Take your service that you now offer, or take that subject you are passionate about, and see who is your “do it yourself” market.

If you’re a realtor, for example, you could write an e-book on how to sell your home without a realtor. And as a matter of fact, I’ve just edited an e-book on that subject for a client. Or if you’re passionate about gardening, I’m sure there are lots of folks who would love to learn how to create their own little patch of home grown produce in their small yards. A whole series of info-products could spring forth just from different focuses on gardening: in containers, organically, in different regions of the country, etc.

So, today I’m telling you how easy it is to create your info-products, because you are passionate and knowledgeable about lots of stuff that lots of people want to know about. JUST DO IT!

More on how to do it coming up. Stay posted…

Happy Monday,

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of www.WritersWay.com


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