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Let’s start writing. What are the author and reader motivations?

Greetings WritersWay followers. Happy May! Our topic this month is “Let’s Start Writing!” My goal is to motivate all you aspiring authors to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page.

I always like to begin a book project by asking my clients to clarify their two motivations:

1) the author motivation: why do you want to write this book or ebook?

2) the reader motivation: why will your readers buy this book or ebook?

Let me clarify what these mean:

Author motivation can include a variety of goals such as:

  1. make passive income
  2. share my expertise
  3. solve a problem
  4. spread my message
  5. promote my name and brand
  6. do what I love
  7. enjoy the prestige of being an author

You may have another motivation or several, so think about what it is, and write it down. As you move through the process of writing a book or ebook and confront challenges or distractions, you need to connect with your motivation to keep your forward momentum. (Don’t even think you won’t have distractions!)

Reader motivation has to be strong enough for someone to take out their credit card and click BUY NOW! Some might be:

  1. need a solution to a problem
  2. want more information on a subject
  3. desire to learn a new skill
  4. inspiration, guidance
  5. entertainment, escape

Why do you buy books? Why would someone buy your book, instead of someone else’s? This needs to be a strong WHY! Or you won’t achieve your author motivation.

So before you sit down to write your book or ebook, dig down and determine the author and reader motivation. Write these down and keep them where you can see them near your computer. They’ll keep you focused and pumped up any time you get writers’ block, overwhelm, or fear!

By the way, I have accountability coaching programs to keep you on track. Check them out at www.writersway.com/services.

Happy Writing!


PS. If you live in the San Diego area, I’ll be speaking on Monday, May 23, at the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. My topic is Turn Your Book into Your Business. The meeting runs from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and is at 3851 Rosecrans St. Visit www.sdwritersguild.org for additional information. Would love to see you there!

From ebook to print book—the journey

Congratulations! Either you’ve written your ebook or you started the journey. I’m so proud of you. (If you’re neither of these, please call me ASAP and let me help you get started! Just fill in the blanks at www.writersway.com/contact and I’ll get in touch with you to set up our 20-minute complimentary consultation).

Once you finish writing your ebook and saving it as a PDF you’re ready to load it on your website (and other websites including Amazon) and start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

You say you’re not satisfied; you still want a print book? Not to worry. First take a few weeks, sell a few books and listen to the feedback. It’s easier to make edits in an ebook than a print book! Ouch! When you’re sure your ebook is just how you want it, you’re ready for the next part of your journey.

At this point, authors must decide if they want to find an agent and publisher or become a self-publisher. I can’t make that decision for you; you have to weigh the pros and cons of each. To boil it down, you have more control and more profits as a self-publisher. You have more prestige and less work to produce and distribute your book if you get a publisher.

In both cases you’ll have to do the bulk of the promotion! Sorry, that’s just the way it is. Most publishers only promote their top name authors, so if you don’t get people to buy your book, the bookstores will ship your books back to the publisher and you won’t earn any royalties.

Now if you decide to self-publish you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of using a POD (print-on-demand) press or the printer down the street (or in the Mid-West). My clients are doing both and everyone is getting a high quality book. You just have to do your homework. Ask other authors, join a writing group or organization, get online and do the research.

All new authors start from scratch and are pretty savvy after their first book experience. My favorite client, a 93-year-young crusader for healthy eating, is still learning after his sixth book!

I know you can do it. It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and fantastic rewards!

Happy writing,

PS. Remember, I have four different coaching services to help you through your journey. Choose the one that’s best for you at www.writersway.com/services. My goal is to help you reach your goal—a published author!

Why an ebook rather than a book?

Continuing with the April theme of Ebook Explosion, I don’t ascribe to the either or school of ebook vs print book. You can do both!

However, I work with many reluctant writers, and frankly it’s much easier and a lot quicker to get your first ebook done than your first print book.

Want to know why?

Okay, here’s what I’ve found. I can motivate people to write a short ebook quickly and get it loaded on their website to start selling much quicker than they can get a print book done. Why? Because you write your ebook—anywhere from 25 to 50 pages (or more)—then save it as a PDF, put it on your website (or blog if you don’t have a website), hook it up to PayPal, and start having your ebook earn its keep!

Now with a print book, it’s got to be around 125 to 200 pages, or more, you’ve got to get it edited, have the cover designed, the interior formatted, a printer selected (on demand or brick and mortar), and a way to distribute those little gems. In my experience, this longer process scares a lot of aspiring authors back to the safety of their unfulfilled dreams. Well maybe not safety, but comfort zone.

And I’m not even discussing here those folks who want to find a literary agent or traditional publisher. That could be a really long haul—or never at all! (Been there…)

With an ebook you’ll still want to have it edited (please!), and a cover designed. You could format it yourself quite easily in Word—I do it all the time for my ebooks and those of my clients. But you have no printer issues and few distribution issues. At least, you don’t have to stock books in your garage and make trips to the post office to mail books.

Again, why ebooks? Because people are buying them—in droves. That’s a good enough reason for me!

Happy writing,

P.S. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, my ebook on producing an ebook might not be enough to get you going. In that case, check out my coaching services at www.writersway.com/services and select the one that will blast you out of your comfort zone!

Writing as a Labor of Love

For some people, writing is worse than getting their teeth drilled. I once read, “It’s more fun to have written than to write”. I can attest to that, especially when I sit down to write 4 emails, 12 blog posts, and 3 articles at one sitting. And then add to that a bunch of Facebook notes and various comments on friends’ notes and blogs.

Also, I’ve alluded to the fact that I often have difficulty writing from my heart, so I’ve been practicing more with these blog posts and emails. But whether you’re writing a blog post, article, email, Facebook note, or an ebook, writing from the heart is the key that connects you with your audience. They hear what you’re saying, but also feel your intent behind the words—your intent to provide value.

When you write from your heart, you connect with your target audience, and when you write with a purpose your writing is at its most impactful! You’re writing what you most want to convey, and you’re writing what you feel others will benefit from

Therefore, writing for both yourself and others is the key to effective communication. And when you’re writing from the heart, it can be a labor of love!

Happy writing!

Andrea Susan Glass

Infoproduct Process–everything you ever wanted to know!

Blogs are great to share bits and pieces of information, but when it comes right down to it, asking questions and getting immediate answers is the best! I write blogs, distribute articles, and sometimes even get my ezine out. But I know my audience still has questions, still has stumbling blocks keeping them from writing that book, ebook or other infoproduct they keep saying they’re going to write SOMEDAY!

Someday only comes when you DECIDE to make that commitment to get it done. I have lots of tips on how to do that, having written or edited more than 100 ebooks, books, ecourses, and more. It takes motivation, planning, and support.

I’m going to share lots of tips in creating infoproducts and some Internet marketing tips–as well as answer all your questions on my free call Infoproduct Process Q&A on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 at 9pm ET (6pm PT). Just go to www.writersway.com/091410 to sign up.

Start thinking about everything you ever wanted to know about infoproducts and bring your questions. I’ll have the answers!

Happy infoproduct profits!


Take my survey: tell me what you think

Okay, so you know I’m a ghostwriter and I complain all the time that I write ebooks and information products for my clients, but have no time for myself. Well, I’ve been eeking out a little time here and there and came up with an idea for an ebook, ecourse and other products teaching people to create info-products.

I pitched the idea to a successful online Internet marketer and she didn’t like my idea or business title. Ouch! I got depressed for a while. I thought, oh no, back to the drawing board. I’d already bought domain names, designed my logo, planned my product funnel and started writing my ebook through Donna Kozik’s write-a-book-in-a-weekend class.

Finally, I decided to run a survey. I’ve never created a survey before but I’d taken enough of them. I signed up at Survey Monkey which I’d heard about. It’s a free survey tool that allows you to create a survey and drive people to the survey to get their opinions. Then you usually offer a gift for taking the survey.

I set aside 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, sat in the library (I found out now why people take their laptops to Starbucks, although I prefer my library: fewer distractions, although I found plenty of distractions at the library!). I completed the survey and then turned it over to my VA (virtual assistant) to complete and mail out to my list and post on my social networking sites. I also decided to post it here on my blog so anyone who feels inclined to put in their 2 cents, can give me their opinion.

Basically the survey asks people, who might fit into my target market, if they have ever wanted to write a book, but didn’t, and what was their biggest obstacle and what might help them overcome it. Also I included some potential names for my business to get some feedback on that.

If you have 3 minutes and want to help your busy ghostwriter blogger friend  here, hop over to http://tinyurl.com/dgjja2 and let me know what you think. I have 2 cool free reports you can choose from as a gift.  I haven’t read any responses yet, but my VA tells me I’ve had a high response rate. I highly recommend running one of these surveys if you get stuck anywhere in your creative process.

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass


WritersWay is your one-stop writing shop for all your virtual writing needs. We specialize in ghostwriting and copyediting information products like eBooks, reports, and e-courses and the promotional pieces to sell your products like articles, blogs, press releases and e-zines. Check out our main site at www.WritersWay.com.


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