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Writing Compelling Marketing Copy for your Business

As a service professional, such as a coach, consultant, or health care provider, your goals are twofold: to help as many people as possible and to make a profit in your business. In order to achieve these goals, you need to let as many people as possible know about your services and convert as many as possible into paying clients!

However, this often presents a challenge. Why? Because you’re highly skilled at the service you provide, but probably not as skilled at marketing and selling those services. When you trained in your industry, it’s unlikely you took any classes in sales and marketing, and if you did, a lot of it probably went over your head.

That is, until you hung out your shingle and got out there in the world to open your doors to business. And found out getting the clients in the door to offer your services was a little tricky. You may have applied some of what you learned or had to learn on the fly. You may have discovered what didn’t work and maybe some of what did work. You can continue to throw tofu against the wall and see what sticks or you can get a plan!

One piece of advice I give to my marketing students at UCSD is that to be effective more times than not, it pays to have a marketing strategy or plan. And when they focus on their target market and the best methods to reach them, they find that most of the strategies require writing marketing copy—another skill usually not taught when you learned the skill you provide in your services.

Once you’ve clarified your ideal clients—by gender, age, income bracket, location, problem, and whatever else identifies them—you get a clearer picture of how to reach them. And in order to reach them effectively to generate leads and convert them to clients, you have to have a clear message about what you do. Your message must be written in compelling copy to capture readers’ attention and propel them to say YES!

Now you may be doing most of your marketing online; you may be doing some of it offline; or you may be doing a combination. This depends on how you serve the client and if online methods make sense. Even if you’re a hands-on healer who needs to treat clients locally, you can still use online methods to let people know about your services.
If you use online methods, you might have a website or blog, write articles and press releases, and use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you use offline methods, you may use direct mail newsletters, and postcards, attend networking events, or give talks and workshops. Yet, what all these methods have in common is that you need to write compelling marketing copy.

There are 5 common factors you need to have in every piece of marketing copy:
1.    speak to your target market
2.    identify problems and solutions
3.    clarify your differentiation/niche
4.    use keywords
5.    include a call to action and contact information

For example, if you have a website, you need to have your message about who you serve and what problem you solve immediately available to visitors to your site. You need to tell visitors what to do—sign up for your newsletter or call you for a complimentary consultation. Or if you’re sending out a flyer for a workshop, you need to have a great workshop title that taps into your market’s primary problem, have a bulleted list of benefits they will get by attending, and tell them to send you a check for the workshop fee by a certain date because you can only take a limited number of students.

All these components make for compelling marketing copy that will attract a lot of leads for you that you can convert into paying clients. When you learn some of these skills, you’ll be able to achieve your goals of helping as many people as possible and making a profit in your business—a win for everyone!

Happy Info-Product Profits,


Andrea Susan Glass

What Can You Do With ALL Your Content? Here’s What…

Do you have a ton of content from your blogs, podcasts, and articles but haven’t done anything with it? Did you know you can repurpose it and create info-products? Like reports, e-books, e-courses, workbooks, and home study courses?

Do you have lots of ideas for books and other info-products but don’t know what to do with those ideas or how to get started? Did you know you could take those ideas right out of your head and record them as an audio file or podcast, then have that turned into an e-book?

Have you heard about the power of audio and video but have no clue how to get started? Did you know you can record your first audio file or MP3 at the comfort of your own desk in less than an hour? And recording a video has become so simple, that UTUBE is among the top 10 visited websites!

Well, I didn’t know a lot of this either. I’ve had lots of ideas, but little time to do anything with them in terms of creating info-products. And I’ve written a bunch of blogs and articles, but never turned them into info-products. So I finally said, “ENOUGH!” It’s time. Well, you know how the universe is—you ask for something with genuine passion, and it generally shows up.

So on Wednesday, August 19, 2009, I’ll be interviewing an expert on all of these concepts. Penny Haynes, a software designer, web programmer, and multimedia producer will talk about “Marketing Your Business With Audio and Video.” Penny will discuss how to repackage your existing content into audios, videos, and turning page publications (very cool!), for both marketing purposes and for passive profits. Penny is the creator of the recently launched, exciting new service RSSzine which instantly turns your blog posts and podcasts into a PDF e-book and turns any PDF into a Turning Page Magazine! Check it out at www.RSSzine.com.

All you have to do to attend this live interview is dial 724-444-7444, ID 29763# at 6 PM PT (9 PM ET). We’ll be giving away prizes and have some special offers for you. I look forward to connecting with you then.

Happy Info-Products!


Andrea Susan Glass

Internet Marketing 101

Have you ever noticed how some people have that Midas touch? Whatever they touch turns to gold! Whatever business venture they start succeeds! Do you ever wonder how they do that? I know I do.

I’ve been studying Internet marketing for years and lots of it still baffles me. And every day some new technological advance makes it even more complicated. Ouch! We didn’t need more complications.

So for those of us who would like to unravel the mysteries of those who have that magic wand, I suggest we follow the basics of Internet Marketing 101. To me that means start from the beginning, move forward one step at a time, and start seeing results. When something isn’t working, go back to the step that involves that process. Learn what you did wrong or could do better. Then do it again.

Also, you must always track and you must always test. If you track, you’ll know what’s working, that is, how many people are coming to your sites, where they are coming from, and any other statistics you want to know. Then you test headlines, test prices, test days of week to send emails, etc. until you find what works best through your tracking.

If you think of Internet marketing as being in school, you start in Kindergarten and progress through the grades. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can start in grade 6 right out of the gate. Start with the simplest steps and keep progressing.

At some point you will be ready to develop your first info-product, and by that time, you’ll know the process of creating, marketing, selling, and profiting! I’m here to help you with that part, so keep tuned in…


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of WritersWay

The Facebook Phenomenon


It began innocently enough with MySpace, and multiplied like a virus out of control. What I’m referring to are social networking sites, also known as social media, or Web 2.0 (don’t know how it got that name!)

Today we have so many of these sites, I can hardly keep up. I’ve got profiles on LinkedIn, FastPitch, Merchant Circle, Ryze, Digg, Twitter, Del.icio.us, WomenIIWomen, a few more I can’t recall, and of course Facebook. I say of course Facebook, because that has become the darling of the business community.

It’s easy to use, and it’s actually a lot of fun! Almost too much fun, because I can spend hours inviting friends, answering friend requests, sending messages to my groups, accepting hugs, money, pets, flowers, and who knows what else! Oh, and letting people know what I’m doing right now!

Here are the facts about Facebook: It’s the 6th most popular website in the world, it has over 60 million active users, 250,000 new people join every day, it gets more than 65 billion (yes billion) page views per month, 56% of the members are over 25 years of age, 55% of the members are female, 35% of members earn more than $60,000/year, and 23% earn over $100,000/year.

I reveal these numbers to you, because they indicate the target market, and I think this is why Facebook members are targeting other members with all their products, events, groups, etc. It’s become a virtual hyper-active marketplace and meeting place. People are selling products, promoting events like teleclasses, and playing with more “applications” than I can keep up with.

Have I gotten any business from it yet? Well, I haven’t, but many people claim they have. I’m going to give it some time, and I suggest you at least put up a profile. You can become my friend at http://profile.to/AndreaSusanGlass, and join my groups at http://Groups.to/IdeasIntoInfo-Products and http://Groups.to/WIFI.

See you on Facebook,

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of www.WritersWay.com

The fun in info-product creation

My good friend and business associate Kimberlyn Lebsock suggested she and I suggest blog titles for each other, so this was her title. She knows how complex this Internet business can be so she always says we need to have fun with it. I guess I didn’t think it was so much fun when my business e-mail got shut down yesterday as my newly revamped website was being uploaded. And hooray, it’s uploaded today, only to find that there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed.

Okay, you found out my secret. I’m a perfectionist! That works well for my business as a ghostwriter and copyeditor, and my clients appreciate it, but come on—six months to redo my website. Oh well, just another few days and I’ll make the big announcement. Now it’s time for the fun to start.

I will let everyone I can think of know about my new website. I will be able to start selling my affiliate products. AND—here’s the big AND—I will now be ready to create my OWN info-products. This is where the fun comes in, as Kimberlyn reminds me. When I write for others, it’s enjoyable, but it’s their subjects and their products. When I get down to creating my own info-products—I WILL HAVE FUN!

So let the fun begin. When are you going to create your first info-product?

Have a fun day!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of www.WritersWay.com

Ride the New Social Networking Wave!

Social networking has taken a whole new turn for business users. Traditionally, sites like Facebook and Myspace were simply social. They are a great place to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. However, many have realized the possibilities of these sites for business expansion.

Have you ever attended a networking event? It may be difficult to get together a significant amount of people and then have to meet each one, pass out your card, and then they remember to call back or keep in contact. Well, with sites like these social networking ones, there are literally billions of people at your fingertips!

It definitely takes effort, but the payoff can be well worth it. The sites are free, so that is one obstacle covered. You need to take a proactive approach to these sites. Go out to any and every profile and introduce yourself. Yes, you can limit your searches to those who you feel would best suit your clientele, but this may only limit you. It never hurts to have too many friends and you never know who will want to employ your services.

You can post bulletins to all your friends at one time. These posts will appear on each of their home pages. This is FREE advertising at its finest! You can reach an endless amount of people at one time, as many times as you chose.

If you want a more guided path to these sites, there are forums for almost every topic under the sun. You can go to the forums, select any topic you wish, join, and start posting your thoughts and ads immediately.

This is a bandwagon we should all jump on. Leave your comments and tell us whether or not you find social networking sites to be beneficial for your business.

Why Blog? Your Business Will Prosper!

While we have been discussing articles and the rewards they can create for your business, there is another great tool you and I are both using at this current moment– blogs! Blogs, originally called “web logs” are forums for your thoughts, both personal and professional. They allow you to keep in constant communication with your readers, whether just for fun or for business purposes.

Blogs are a great tool for promoting your business, because in most cases they are free, easy to use, and are popular with search engines. You can sign up on sites like WordPress and have your very own blog in minutes. The possibilities are endless in regard to what you can write about, because you are the author and publisher. In your very own blog you can offer information, advice, opinion, news, education, inspiration–whatever makes sense for your purposes.

Blogs allow you to attract new business as article marketing does, because with both you can lead readers back to your website. Back at your site, you want to entice people to sign your mailing list and leave their email address so you can continue to stay in contact with them. You can also sell products off your blog–your own or your affiliates’ products. Although you might sell these products on your website, you can get extra exposure for those money-making products on your blog as well!

One of the best aspects of blogging is that your personality can shine through. In your posts, you can show your humor and your style, and it allows readers to get to know you. The more people know and feel comfortable with you, the more people they will want to do business with you.

Start your own blog and turn leads into profitable business. For more great information on writing your way to business success, go to www.WritersWay.com.

Wonderful World of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a new, growing tool to promote your business. Haven’t already started your article marketing? What are you waiting for? It’s easy, affordable, and profitable! We’re talking free advertisement here! Writing your own articles is something anyone can do, at any time on any subject. Even if you’re not comfortable writing an article, check back here and we can provide you with some great tips to make your article shine.

Article marketing means you write an article and offer it to anyone for free. You can submit it to generic article directories or specific targeted websites. There, publishers of ezines, websites and other publications can “borrow” your article for their own use. This allows thousands of people to read your articles and learn about your expertise, services, and products. If readers enjoy what you’ve written and find value, they will trust your words and follow you where you lead them. Where will you lead them, you ask? This is the most important part. Within these articles, or in your resource box at the end of the article, you will include a link back to your website. Here visitors can view and purchase your products. Anyone who publishes your article has to promise to use the resource box, which creates the link to your site that gives you the free adverstising!

Literally millions of people could be reading your articles daily. The amount that will actually go back to your website and purchase your products is possibly more than you could acquire with any other form of marketing. You can literally be attracting people to your website while you sleep, reaching prospective clients around the world.

Article marketing allows your business to grow in a way you could never imagine. Your own credibility will increase along with your business. It’s the best way to make a name for yourself online, with minimum effort and expense.

Click here for great offers on how to market your business and be on your way to success!


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