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The Long & Winding Path to Creating My Info-product!

Like everyone who is making good money online, I too wanted to sell information products, but I’ve been too busy writing them for everyone else. So, determined to get my info-product written and marketed this year, I set about a plan. I had to look at the end result I wanted and backtrack to where I needed to start. Thinking this would be a simple path, I discovered it was anything but simple.

For me, the writing is the simple part, but everything else was a bit convoluted. Here is how my year has gone thus far. When I backtracked to the beginning, I knew I needed to have a decent website from which to sell my products and services. As a professional writer I might be a bit of a perfectionist, but hey, that’s what makes me good at what I do! So I started creating all new content for my website over the December holidays. This took several months as I spend the bulk of my time writing for others, so I had to sneak some late evenings and weekends to work on my own website.

Now I also needed a new look, so I had to search for a good, but affordable graphic design firm. That took several months of interviewing and reviewing logo designs, after two designers bailed on me. Then another several months of getting the design firm I eventually hired to get the look that I wanted. Whew!

Fast forward six months and I’m finally happy (well, make that content) with my web copy and logo design. Now to upload it. I have a template site where I can do the uploading myself with a little help from my host. I actually did hire a virtual assistant to do this for me, but that didn’t quite work out. (Am I getting the hint here that I can’t find good support?)

So after several multi-hour phone calls, I got the site done. Then after I published it, several errors showed up with fonts and spacing, so another two weeks until the host fixed those. Okay, so we’re around six months into the project of creating an info-product, and all I’ve done is get new content and a new logo for my website. Well, hey that’s pretty good. So before I move on to the next step, I need to take some time to promote my new site. Might as well. Another month will be spent on this, another month without an info-product…

Stay tuned for my next blog as I continue the saga. In the meantime, check out my cool new site let me know what you think. Also, if you can learn something from this story so far, it’s that you should hire me to write your info-products and web copy and you’ll get them a whole lot sooner than I will!!

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

How Can A Blog Help Your Internet Business?

I ask myself this question every day when I think about whether I should post today and if I do what I should write about and will anyone read it and if they do will they buy my services or products? That’s a lot of questions to ask and a lot of unanswered questions. If you wonder these same things too, let’s see if we can explore the answers together. If you happen to land on this blog and have some answers, please post a comment. And if you didn’t know this, when you leave a comment, you can have a link back to your website. My blog will have comments which means it looks like someone has read it, and you will get a free link to your site. So it’s a win for everyone.

Anyway, back to the questions. First, should I post today? Or how often should I post? I don’t know the answer to that, yet what I do know is every time I post I get a Google alert within a few hours. That means that Google is out there poking around the web picking up fresh content. This is a good thing. It raises your ranking in the search engines. I started out posting twice/week, then abandoned it altogether. Then started back daily, now it’s every other day. If I get a lot of visits, I’m encouraged to post more often; if I get fewer visits, I cut back. This is not a definitive answer by any means. You’ll have to feel it out and see what works best for you.

Next, what should I write about? Well, your area of expertise and your niche market primarily. I ghostwrite information products so I write mostly about that. However, Internet marketing is a broad topic area, so I have written about creating and marketing e-books, books, and other info-products, and peripherally about marketing through blogs, articles, and social networking. Lots to write about, and all of it is in my area of expertise. And some days, like today, I’m writing about what’s on my mind. Or I might write about something in the news that is connected to my topic.

Will anyone read my blog? At first I got little traffic, then it started to build, and one day I had peak traffic. I followed the comments and the links and found that Google blogs was responsible for a lot of that traffic and the subject and keywords were what drew the audience. I continue to investigate how people find blogs and what I can do to attract more traffic. It’s an ongoing learning process.

And lastly, will visitors buy my services and products? At this point, I don’t know the answer. I think if you get repeat visits you start to build a fan base. As people follow your blog, they get to know and respect you and if they have a need they may take the plunge and buy something from you. Because we can all get so much FREE information on the web, you have to make a good case for someone to take out their credit card and pay for information. This, too, is something I continue to investigate in the hopes of uncovering the mystery of selling online. It might help to have an email capture on your blog, and you will need HTML to do that.

If you have any answers to some of these questions, please leave your comments. I truly believe regular blogging should be part of any Internet marketing plan. Mix it up with your articles, press releases, advertising, and social networking and you have a recipe for success.

Happy Info-Products.


Andrea Susan Glass, www.WritersWay.com

The fun in info-product creation

My good friend and business associate Kimberlyn Lebsock suggested she and I suggest blog titles for each other, so this was her title. She knows how complex this Internet business can be so she always says we need to have fun with it. I guess I didn’t think it was so much fun when my business e-mail got shut down yesterday as my newly revamped website was being uploaded. And hooray, it’s uploaded today, only to find that there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed.

Okay, you found out my secret. I’m a perfectionist! That works well for my business as a ghostwriter and copyeditor, and my clients appreciate it, but come on—six months to redo my website. Oh well, just another few days and I’ll make the big announcement. Now it’s time for the fun to start.

I will let everyone I can think of know about my new website. I will be able to start selling my affiliate products. AND—here’s the big AND—I will now be ready to create my OWN info-products. This is where the fun comes in, as Kimberlyn reminds me. When I write for others, it’s enjoyable, but it’s their subjects and their products. When I get down to creating my own info-products—I WILL HAVE FUN!

So let the fun begin. When are you going to create your first info-product?

Have a fun day!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of www.WritersWay.com

Exactly What To Do To Attract People To Your Blog

There are a lot of vague articles and seminars that may offer tips on what to do to attract people to your blog. Well, we like to be more specific so here is a list to get you on the right track:

1. Write relevant information. Write about what people need to know now that will benefit them.

2. Target your audience. Keep your topics consistent for who you want to attract.

3. Keep it short and sweet. Be to the point. No rambling.

4. White space is your friend. Use bulleted lists or keep paragraphs to about two sentences. It’s easier on the eyes and mind to read a spaced-out blog.

5. Post about 2-3 blogs a week. This will keep you high on the search engines and make it easier for readers to find you.

6. Don’t be afraid of tip #5. Your posts can be short or you can hire a writer or intern to write your posts.

7. Use videos, audio files, and surveys. Adds interaction that keeps readers interested.

8. Comment on other blogs. This will encourage others to visit and comment yours.

9. Be entertaining. No one will return to a blog that bores them.

10. Tag your blogs and use blog directories, such as del.ico.us or digg.

Use these simple tools to increase your blog traffic. If you have any ideas or known tools to attracting more blog readers, feel free to leave your comments below and share with us all.

If you need help writing blogs, visit WritersWay.

Attracting More Readers to Your Blog

Writing a great blog is only half the battle. Now that you have interesting, thought-provoking content, you need to get viewers to your site to read it. Here are a few tips you may find useful in increasing your blog traffic flow:

1. Give useful content. Find what is missing and write about it. Make sure you are attending to your target audience’s needs. Give information they can use.

2. Be creative. Don’t just list facts. Show some of your personality so your readers will connect with you. If they are comfortable with you, they are more likely to frequent your page and do business with you.

3. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. State an opinion. For every person who disagrees, there are two more who agree. This will keep readers coming back to see what you will say next.

Be strong and helpful with your words. Let readers count on you for great up-to-date information.

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Now That You Have A Blog, What Do You Put in It?

If you have already set up for your blog, congratulations, you have completed the first step! Now, you need to have the best tools possible to make sure your blogs are read. Here are some tips for that:

1. Target your audience. Who are you going to write for? What type of readers do you want to attract? When you can answer these questions, you can direct your blog post toward this group and narrow your topics.

2. Be consistent. This applies to topics as well as schedules. Stay with your focus topic and be regular about when you will post. Your readers want consistency so they can rely on the valuable content in your blog.

3. Use keyword-rich material. Inserting all those keywords will make your blog easier to find by readers and search engines. Still need help with keywords? No problem! Visit our other post “Keyword-rich Content to Get Your Articles Found” to learn more about keywords.

4. Pay attention to style. Use bullets or lists as often as you can. Keep paragraphs short- 2-3 lines is fine. Remember, it’s a blog, not a book. These choices will make your posts more reader-friendly.

5. Post affiliates. Use this site as a way to advertise your affiliates and products. It’s a great way to earn that passive income!

6. Have fun and let your personality shine. This is your forum for others to learn about you, your business, and your personality.

Use these tips with your blogs and see how your following increases. You can always visit www.WritersWay.com for your blog content needs. We have special blog writing packages!

Leave your comments below and let us know what tools you use to make your blog successful.


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