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For this final installment in the month’s discussion on making money writing books, I wanted to summarize all the ways you can make money selling your words.

You can write and publish your own books, have a traditional or independent publisher publish your books, or you can start a writing or publishing business.

The business can involve any services among: ghostwriting, copyediting, indexing, coaching, publishing, proofreading, researching, formatting, and what I do more and more of—teaching!

Which of these is most profitable?

Writing one ebook could be profitable if you priced it low and sold a large quantity. I met an author at my local Kindle meetup who sold 300 of his novels in one month at $2.99. He used social media as his primary marketing method.

Writing one print book could be profitable if you already have a large fan base or mailing list, are out on the road as a speaker, or you teach, consult, or have other ways to reach a lot of people.

Writing a series of ebooks or books is a better plan for increasing profits by reaching more targeted markets with different subjects or the same target market with different ideas on the same subject.

Creating other products like workbooks, audios, and e-courses to supplement your ebook or book is the primary way most authors are building income.

Lastly, selling your services or products to help others write their books is another way to make money with your writing.

Let me know if I can help you map out a successful strategy with any of these paths. Contact me at

Happy writing,


Andrea Susan Glass


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~ Pablo Garcia

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