Keyword-rich Content to Get Your Articles Found

How do your articles get found? Through the search engines! Yes, they can be picked up through various sites and be stumbled upon by unsuspecting viewers, but most people look to sites like Yahoo, Google, or other popular search engines to find what they are looking for. The problem is that all those people do not know the title of your work, or that you are even out there. So you need to make yourself known and tell them, “You want me!”

Your article needs to be a gold mine of keywords. This is to say that you need to make sure your content contains those words that people will look for when they are searching for articles on your topic. You need to think of words that a potential reader would think is a great word to submit when looking for a particular site. For example, if your article is about online business promotion, you would want keywords such as business, Internet marketing, business promotion, and so on. Take yourself outside of the box and ask yourself, “If I were looking for this article, what words would I think of?”

Also, you need to make these words present in your article so as to increase your hits on the search engines. Don’t overflow your article with the same words over and over, this is only redundant. However, using a word or phrase 2 or 3 times can improve your stats on the search engines.

Go back and edit your articles and make sure you have the right keywords and the right amount of keywords present to make sure your article is chosen to be read. If all this is a little overwhelming, which to many it is, you can always hire a ghostwriter, like myself. So if this is going over your head a little, that’s fine, it’s my job to know this. As a professional, I can deliver a great article with all the tools it needs to succeed.
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