Internet Marketing 101

Have you ever noticed how some people have that Midas touch? Whatever they touch turns to gold! Whatever business venture they start succeeds! Do you ever wonder how they do that? I know I do.

I’ve been studying Internet marketing for years and lots of it still baffles me. And every day some new technological advance makes it even more complicated. Ouch! We didn’t need more complications.

So for those of us who would like to unravel the mysteries of those who have that magic wand, I suggest we follow the basics of Internet Marketing 101. To me that means start from the beginning, move forward one step at a time, and start seeing results. When something isn’t working, go back to the step that involves that process. Learn what you did wrong or could do better. Then do it again.

Also, you must always track and you must always test. If you track, you’ll know what’s working, that is, how many people are coming to your sites, where they are coming from, and any other statistics you want to know. Then you test headlines, test prices, test days of week to send emails, etc. until you find what works best through your tracking.

If you think of Internet marketing as being in school, you start in Kindergarten and progress through the grades. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can start in grade 6 right out of the gate. Start with the simplest steps and keep progressing.

At some point you will be ready to develop your first info-product, and by that time, you’ll know the process of creating, marketing, selling, and profiting! I’m here to help you with that part, so keep tuned in…


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of WritersWay


2 Responses to Internet Marketing 101

  1. Hi Andrea,

    Your blog has great info. You are so right about learning something everyday, in fact “new” stuff is coming out so fast I can’t even get to the 6th grade!!

    I look at Internet marketing as a wonderful challenge that I work at several hours a day!


  2. Thanks for nice article!

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