Internet Marketers Use Ghostwriters–Both Copy Writers & Content Writers

I’ve been studying the top Internet marketing gurus for awhile, and all of them teach their students to delegate as much as possible—especially the tasks they are either not good at or not fond of. Well, unless you’re a professional writer like me, the average person does not really like to write. And even those who do like it or who tolerate it are not that good at it. The wisest and most successful of these online business owners know when it makes good business sense to hire a professional.

Now I do want to make a distinction about the different kinds of writers, because most people don’t know this. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who will write for you—maybe it’s your articles, newsletter or e-zine, reports, blog posts, website copy, books, e-books, or other information products—and not sign their name. You put your name on the article, e-book, etc. as if you wrote it. Now a ghostwriter may be a copywriter who writes sales COPY like on sales pages, websites, any direct mail or e-mail copy that is designed to motivate the reader to purchase the product. While another type of ghostwriter—like myself—is more of a CONTENT writer, who writes information products such as books, e-books, e-courses, reports, blog posts, and articles. I like to say: A COPY writer SELLS, while a CONTENT writer TELLS!

As a content writer, my writing is not designed for selling. Once the copywriter moves the prospect to buy, the information they buy will be written by the content writer. My writing provides information, education, inspiration, entertainment, or motivation. It delivers the value that is promised by the copywriter. I love research, I love ideas, I love learning, and I’ve been a teacher of sorts all my life. That makes me the perfect content writer.

Can you see how the copywriter and content writer support each other? And of course, both are necessary for any Internet marketing business. If you are building your Internet business, consider adding both of these kinds of ghostwriters to your team.

Feel free to contact me for my free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for me to be on your team.

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass,


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