Info-products Offer the Best Job Security

I know people with 9-5 jobs who think they have job security, but the other day Starbucks announced they were closing 600 locations. So much for job security! Who would have thought that could happen? Starbucks is the #1 American addiction!

Yet with info-products, you have a source of a repeating, residual resource for cash. Create a product once, sell it forever—or at least until you create a better product. So why haven’t you tapped into this real source of job security?

If you want real job security, that is, ongoing, ever-increasing, enjoyable, income, get into your info-product factory right now and start manufacturing. You can make this easy or you can make it hard. That’s up to you. I know, for me, I tend to ruminate, plan, ponder, study, far too long sometimes, which I can see objectively is really a form of procrastination.

So if you have been “procrastinating” getting that first info-product created, take a look at what’s been holding you back. Look at the list I offered in my July 3 post of common excuses. Add to that fear of failure or fear of success. These are all real possibilities. However, if you’ve been saying for some time that you really want some passive profits from info-products, yet have not done anything to move in that direction, your word is worthless!

Let’s talk about how you can get over whatever is standing in your way. We’re all in this together. Let’s engage in a dialogue, send me some comments, and I’ll respond. And keep reading as I go deeper into all things Info-Products.

Happy Saturday!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


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