How Do You Use Your Blog To Promote & Profit From Info-Products?

I hear a lot about using blogs, social media, forums, articles, etc.—all these online avenues to promote your products, and even services. Yet, I’ve done a lot of this but haven’t seen spectacular results—yet. Yet, I still do all these activities, always hoping for more results.

What I’ve come to understand is that although it may not appear that you’re getting immediate results, the effect is actually slow building and cumulative. The process of building relationships doesn’t happen overnight. When it comes to building that “know, like, and trust” factor, it does take time. So with every blog, with every social media contact, with every forum or article, etc., you’re building that factor.

How do you do that? By being a source of valuable content. You’ve heard the saying, “Content is King!” That means everyone wants good content. They want answers to their questions. They want solutions to their problems. They want more information, more data, more ideas, and more and more. And that’s what your info-products have—more of all of that! That’s why they’re called “information” products!

However, remember that blogs, social media, forums, and articles are not for direct selling—they’re for sharing all this valuable content. So that means you take a few good ideas from your info-product, whether it’s a book, ebook, ecourse, or whatever, and start sharing those ideas in your blogs, social media posts, forums, and articles. Then people see you as the expert. They see you as having answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. They want to learn more from you.

So what do they do? They follow your links to your website, or your squeeze page, or your sales page. They think, “Hey, she had lots of great ideas. If I buy her ebook I’ll get a lot more good ideas. Maybe my pain will go away!” See, people buy info-products because they’re in pain—they have a problem, a question, a challenge, an issue and they’re looking for answers and solutions.

Info-products offer information, education, inspiration, motivation, solutions, answers, relief from pain. Share bits of these ideas in everything you do online, and you’ll eventually start to see some profits coming to you. I mention using your blog to promote and profit from info-products here because we’re on a blog but also because you can set one of these up in about 5 minutes.

Just go to, sign up, and you’re in! Start building relationships now and you’ll soon see those profits just up ahead!

Happy info-products profits,

Andrea Susan Glass


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