How can information products generate passive profits?

Since information products are your expertise turned into a tangible product, once you’ve created that book, e-book, audio, e-course, etc. you never have to create it again and it will sell over and over. So let’s say it takes you 40 hours to write an e-book. If you charged $100/hour in your service as a consultant, coach, or other service professional, 40 hours of time would pay you $4,000. Now if you wrote an e-book and charged $40 for it (usually a typical price would be $37), you would have to sell 100 e-books to make the same $4,000. However–and here’s the fun part–after you sell that first 100 e-books, everything else is passive income. You are not trading your time for dollars.

Now that’s not to say you won’t have to do some marketing to get people to find out about your e-book. But once you hook up some of your marketing strategies, a lot of them can be put on automatic. For example, one way you can let people know about your e-book (or any information product) is to build your list and send regular e-mails. Once you have a fairly decent size list, you can send your e-mails on a regular basis through an autoresponder program that schedules them to go out when you want. So in essence, you set them up and then they’re on autopilot.

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