How can I benefit from info-products?

E-books and other information products are not only sources of passive profits, but powerful online marketing tools. Here are the top 10 ways you can benefit from creating your own info-products:

  1. Give an e-book away as a gift to get people to opt in to your mailing list
  2. Spread your e-book around anywhere you can give it away as a viral marketing tool with links back to your product pages where you can sell products
  3. Sell your info-products as a line of products from low to high end (e-book, CDs, teleclass, manual, live seminar, mentoring) for ongoing passive profits
  4. Build your credibility as an expert on your subject
  5. Receive recognition from the publishing world for a potential book deal with a traditional publisher
  6. Turn your knowledge into products so you don’t have to work so hard as a service provider
  7. Get known in your field and attract lucrative joint venture opportunities
  8. Expand your brand identity (grow a “Chicken Soup” empire)
  9. Put your business on autopilot so you can work less and earn more
  10. Make piles of cash while you sleep or vacation in Hawaii (or your dream location)

The value of creating your own info-products is that you only have to create each product once and they keep on selling. Once you put your marketing into place, you can just start watching your bank account go “Ka-Ching!”

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