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Content, content, content! That’s what it’s all about! What is an article if it lacks strong compelling material? Nothing! You can only stretch an article (or any work for that matter) so far without content that is valuable. Your article needs to be thoughtful, informative, and worth reading. Filling it up with keywords and no real meaning will do you no good with the search engines or building your credibility.

With all the articles already written, it’s easy to browse through them to see what is missing. Read a couple of articles, look through the titles, and identify what it is that you can bring. What new perspective do you have? There is always something new that is yet to be said, and you can be the one to say it. Find what is needed and add your unique view to the mix.

First, do your research to add to your existing body of knowledge. We all know that you can put almost anything into a search engine and be thrown back thousands of web pages on that topic. Browse a few and find the material you are looking for. Unless you are writing an opinion piece, you are going to need quite a few facts. Even opinion pieces need facts! Gather content you can talk about and share with others. Make your article more interesting by using some statistics for conviction. People are fascinated with statistics; they add more validity to what you are saying.

Secondly, keep it interesting and enjoyable. While we all love statistics, if we wanted to read a list of them, we would read a national survey, so be creative. Deliver your material in a fun and exciting way. Make it readable. Keep readers involved by asking questions. Demand their attention. In the end, regardless of how great your article is, if it is not appealing to read and offers information of value, no one will know your brilliance. Except maybe you!


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