Choosing a Topic for Your Article That Will Blow Readers Away!

Choosing a topic for your article is a very important step to writing your article. You need to carefully consider what you want to write about.

First, you need to write on a subject you are familiar with. Don’t choose a topic you think is great fun, but you know nothing about. You want to position yourself as the expert, so research first whatever you lack knowledge or confidence in.

Make sure your topic is narrow enough to ensure you stay on point and prevent rambling on a tangent. However, if you are too narrow, you may find you lack enough information to write a decent size article. If this is the problem, broaden your topic a little to open up your field of information.

Research your niche. You know something others don’t. You are an expert at your business. Exploit that in your article. Select the topic that can establish you as an expert and have readers thinking, “This person knows what they are talking about! I trust them.”

Selecting the wrong topic could be the downfall of your article. Choose one that promotes you, your business, and your expertise. Remember to keep it simple and straightforward, and always provide enormous value!


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