Can Anyone Learn to Write—Well & Fast?

As a ghostwriter, I am available for anyone who needs to get something written but doesn’t have the time or talent! Or just plain doesn’t enjoy writing. Yet, some people don’t hire me because they feel they can’t afford it OR they like to be in complete control and have a tough time delegating to others. When I work with someone, it really is like a relationship—we have to work together and communicate well.

So if you are one of those who isn’t about to hire a writer, what can you do? Well if you run an Internet based business, let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of writing to do. You have your website content, articles, blog posts, reports, information products, emails, and more. There is a heck of a lot of writing needed with Internet marketing.

Yet, I do believe almost anyone can learn to write—well and fast! My services as a ghostwriter are for the “I-do-it-for-you” crowd. And my webinars and future info-products are for the “Do-it-yourself” crowd. I’ve been teaching how to write info-products in webinars for about a year, and pretty soon I’ll be holding my first 3-day web intensive in September. I’m confident that I can teach anyone the basics of writing all the materials they need to conduct a successful online venture.

A lot of what needs to be written can be boiled down into formulas or templates. Once you’ve written your first article, your second will go a whole lot faster. Once you’ve sweated over writing your first website, the second will require a lot less sweat. And once you’ve created your first e-book, you’ll be the info-product pro.

So, yes I believe anyone can write—with the proper guidance and support. Stay posted to find out more about how I will be doing this. And keep writing—it’s the best practice to perfect your skill!

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass,


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