Affordable Shopping Cart Solution for the Work at Home Community featuring Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager

As a business owner one of the most powerful ways to help grow your business is to build a list. A list is a collection of people’s names and email addresses that have “opted-in” to receive information from you. In most cases, you will offer something to the person in exchange for their name and email address. One of the first steps to building a list is offering something of value for free. You may choose to offer a checklist, a special report, a guide, or a video tutorial.

You may already be questioning how all this works and what is needed to manage a list effectively. Great question! One of the main things that you need is a way to maintain the list. A valuable tool to use would be something like a shopping cart, autoresponder, mailing list manager and affiliate program all in one.

You will need many of these things in order to maintain a proper list. The autoresponder is the first thing you will definitely need. Once you create an item of value that you are going to give away for free, you offer it on your website, blog or even on your Facebook Business page in exchange for the  person’s name and email address. Once the person inputs their information into an autoresponder will allow you to instantly email them the free item without your having to manually do so.

The mailing list feature of WAHMCart will also allow you to continue to communicate with your list. This is after all what you want the ability to do by building a list, that is have an audience or “list” of people ready and willing to hear from you since they have opted-in to receive information from you.

This truly is a win-win and a great way to build and promote your business. I bet you are now wondering “how to get traffic to my website”?

How about a press release and an article? Start by promoting your new website design with a press release. It gives visitors a reason to come check you out and see what you are about. Or talk about your mission in an article. Of course have it aimed on your target market. Once you have your press release ready and your article ready, do you know what needs to be done next? You need to get your press release and articles listed in the proper directories. I have just the thing for you: FREE Promotional Marketing guide! Get instant access after you enter your name and email address and the report can be instantly downloaded for easy access. And you can begin spreading the word to gain traffic within hours. Get your FREE Report!

Staci Jansma, Guest blogger
WAHMCart Certified Virtual Assistant


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