Affiliate Program

Would you like to make great money just by telling other people about great information products & services?

We’ll pay you to promote WritersWay products & services!

Would you like to help us let more people know about WritersWay practical products and services? If so, you’ll get paid to do that. By joining the affiliate program, you’ll get a 25% commission when you sell a participating product and a 15% commission when you sell a participating service. Start earning money today by clicking on the following link.


What’s an affiliate program?

In order to spread the word about helpful products and services, businesses set up affiliate programs so other business owners can offer information to their own list of followers that they don’t offer. As a thank you for promoting the other business’s information, the affiliate partner gets paid a commission. This way everyone wins: the business owner with the products and services can reach a larger market therefore making more sales and profits; the affiliate partner can better serve their followers and make additional income for their efforts; and consumers have access to more information that serves them.

What do affiliates earn?

All WritersWay products offer a 25% commission on product sales and 15% on services.

How do affiliates get paid?

You receive email notification every time someone buys through your affiliate link. You can log in any time to check on the amount and status of your commissions.

What products are in the affiliate program?

WritersWay presents IPSS affiliate products:

  1. Your Info-Product Success System ebook: Part I or Part II; $27 each, commission is $6.75.
  2. Your Info-Product Success System ebook package: Part I and Part II: $47, commission is $11.75
  3. Impact Millions Home Study Course: in development.

What services are in the affiliate program?

  1. Kick Butt Book: 90 minute coaching/consulting; $147, commission is $22.05
  2. Write to Me: Email support; $197, commission is $29.55
  3. Action Accountability; $297, commission is $44.55
  4. Fast Track to Success; $497, commission is $74.55

How do you become an affiliate?

Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the affiliate center.


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