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I Have Lots of Ways to Help You Write Your Book or Ebook

Most people who know me know I’m a ghostwriter and copyeditor of books and ebooks. If you have just an idea and want to write a book and don’t have the time or talent, you would hire a ghostwriter to write your book. If you’ve already written the book or ebook but you knew it needed some polishing off, you’d call on a copyeditor.

I do both of these and I call them DFY services–that is Do For You.

For those with more independence and a smaller budget I offer DIY–that is Do It Yourself–services and products. The products are ebooks, ecourses, teleclasses, and the like–that is educational stuff!

Recently I added some new services that fall in between DFY and DIY. One is a 90-minute consultation to help you jumpstart your book project. Another is a 4-hour consultation where we figure out your topic, your title, your table of contents, and set up your writing schedule. I also have an email coaching service where you can email me all month with your book writing questions and a weekly accountability phone call to keep you on track as you write your book or ebook.

So now I have something for everyone. And I don’t want to hear any more excuses why you haven’t written your book or ebook! Got it?!

Happy infoproduct profits,


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