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How Do You Use Your Blog To Promote & Profit From Info-Products?

I hear a lot about using blogs, social media, forums, articles, etc.—all these online avenues to promote your products, and even services. Yet, I’ve done a lot of this but haven’t seen spectacular results—yet. Yet, I still do all these activities, always hoping for more results.

What I’ve come to understand is that although it may not appear that you’re getting immediate results, the effect is actually slow building and cumulative. The process of building relationships doesn’t happen overnight. When it comes to building that “know, like, and trust” factor, it does take time. So with every blog, with every social media contact, with every forum or article, etc., you’re building that factor.

How do you do that? By being a source of valuable content. You’ve heard the saying, “Content is King!” That means everyone wants good content. They want answers to their questions. They want solutions to their problems. They want more information, more data, more ideas, and more and more. And that’s what your info-products have—more of all of that! That’s why they’re called “information” products!

However, remember that blogs, social media, forums, and articles are not for direct selling—they’re for sharing all this valuable content. So that means you take a few good ideas from your info-product, whether it’s a book, ebook, ecourse, or whatever, and start sharing those ideas in your blogs, social media posts, forums, and articles. Then people see you as the expert. They see you as having answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. They want to learn more from you.

So what do they do? They follow your links to your website, or your squeeze page, or your sales page. They think, “Hey, she had lots of great ideas. If I buy her ebook I’ll get a lot more good ideas. Maybe my pain will go away!” See, people buy info-products because they’re in pain—they have a problem, a question, a challenge, an issue and they’re looking for answers and solutions.

Info-products offer information, education, inspiration, motivation, solutions, answers, relief from pain. Share bits of these ideas in everything you do online, and you’ll eventually start to see some profits coming to you. I mention using your blog to promote and profit from info-products here because we’re on a blog but also because you can set one of these up in about 5 minutes.

Just go to, sign up, and you’re in! Start building relationships now and you’ll soon see those profits just up ahead!

Happy info-products profits,

Andrea Susan Glass

What To Write About When You’re All Out Of Words

When you’ve been writing a regular blog for a number of years, it’s conceivable that you’ll run out of ideas at some time. I’ve been expecting that time to come sooner than later, but I’ve managed to pull ideas out of this ancient noggin for over two years now on a regular and sometimes irregular basis. But now, I fear, I’ve run dry. I’m at a loss for words—which rarely happens for a professional writer. Yet, as a ghostwriter, I’m writing other people’s words day in and day out (and much of the night as well).

So, how do I keep my blog going without words? That’s quite embarrassing to imagine a writer running out of words. See, I don’t want to repeat myself, although, I doubt anyone reading my blog today will read what I wrote two years ago. So I could, if I so chose, repeat former blog posts. I’d probably be the only one who knew that I did that. It’s not like I’m getting thousands of readers/day!

And that’s odd, now that I mention it. When I’m writing a blog post like this one, which really isn’t one at all, is it, because I’m plum out of words, I imagine I’m talking to the ultimate reader. But since I don’t know who that is, if indeed anyone reads my blog, and since in all likelihood I’ll never meet any of my readers, I often wonder why I do this at all.

Have you ever wondered why you write a blog—if you do even write one? Like social networking, did someone tell you this is a great way to attract prospects, get leads, build your list, get traffic to your website, sell products and services, etc.? Well, I’ve heard all that—the Internet marketing gurus telling us to write blogs and articles, to Tweet every day, and to do whatever is necessary to drive traffic to our websites and convert visitors into buyers.

Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But does it work every time? You’re darn right—it doesn’t! I do believe there’s a magic formula, out there in cyberspace somewhere, that only a handful of the elite few Internet gurus seem to know where doing all this “stuff” really works! If it’s working for you, please leave a comment and let me know about how it’s working.

In the meantime, I’ve just showed you how to write 430 words of nonsense when you have nothing to write about. I guess my well isn’t completely dry, is it? A writer can always write—something!

Happy info-products profits,

Andrea Susan Glass

How to Create an Info-Product in an Afternoon (or Morning!)

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been dreaming of creating your first info-product but just can’t seem to find the time!

You’ve been collecting ideas and content from your blogs and articles but still haven’t created that first e-book!

Ideas are coming at you quickly but you can’t type fast enough!

Or maybe you’re spending hours sitting at your computer typing, retyping, making changes, editing … and still you have the final editing and formatting to be done to get out your info-product. You get about 50% finished, and your enthusiasm wanes. And then someone else takes your idea and gets it to market first!!! They take the $$$ that should have gone into your pocket and put it in theirs. How frustrating is that? You know that if only you can finish this product, you’ll be able to take your business to a whole new level! You know that every day you don’t have your info-product on the market is costing you money, causing you frustration, and holding you back.

I’m sure lots of us have felt this way. I know I have and I write info-products for my clients every day! But not for myself! So I keep reading, and listening, and learning, and soon I’ll have all the answers. And as I’m learning, I’m sharing what I’m learning with others.

Well, in August I held an interview where I learned about marketing my business with audio and video. And lots of my listeners learned a lot as well. Last month, I interviewed an expert in building your business with a MasterMind. So this month, I’m continuing with the interview format. On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET, I’ll be interviewing Patsy Bellah of Great Transcriptions on “How to Create an Info-Product in an Afternoon (or Morning!).” Patsy is the author of the ebook “How To Get Your Info-Product To Market With Lightning Speed! Fourteen Surefire Ways To Create Your Own Info-Product In An Afternoon.”

Patsy will discuss a simple A-B-C formula to create information products faster than your competitors, how to avoid the 10 worst time wasters most people suffer when trying to complete any info-product, and how to take your business to the next income level using this method. You’ll also learn how you can apply these ideas to create special reports, press releases, blog posts, and articles. Plus she’ll answer any of your questions. If you want to build an Internet marketing business you need info-products; there’s no way around it!

On this call you’ll learn How You Can Create Your Own Dynamic, Financially Successful Info-Products Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible. I’d love to have you join Patsy and me. Just sign up at

Happy info-products profits,

Andrea Susan Glass

INFO-PRODUCT SUCCESS SYSTEM: Produce + Promote = Profits

I write my weekly blog posts at the beginning of each month and often think of a theme for the month. Not only does that make my job of writing four posts at one sitting easier, but it gives a cohesiveness to my posts and the reader can learn more in depth content about one topic. For October, I’ll be back to my favorite topic, the heart of my business, my brand, and my reason for being: info-products! I’ve also chosen this theme because my tele-interview this month is about how to create an info-product in an afternoon (or morning!) Post coming up next Sunday!

I recently completed a new report I call “Your Info-Product Success System: Produce + Promote = Profits.” I wanted to distill the basics of creating and marketing info-products for profit. Although I plan to expand this content into a full-fledged ecourse or online course at some point, this report, which is FREE, has some great ideas. Pick up your copy at

What I like to share about info-products is that they make a lot of sense for small business owners and entrepreneurs primarily in the service businesses. Service professionals like coaches, consultants, health care providers, beauticians, estheticians, massage therapists, and anyone who serves people one-on-one, can only work so many hours and serve so many people, thereby limiting their income. But if they can take their knowledge, expertise, experience, and wisdom and transform it into books, ebooks, ecourses, and any other type of info-product, they can reach so many more for so much less work, in so much less time, and for so much more profit!

Wow! You can see I’m really passionate about this. So order my FREE report, read my blog posts, and start producing info-products. I’m always available for any questions about this topic. Contact me at

Happy info-products profits,
Andrea Susan Glass


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