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How to Find the Best Support People for Your Business

Who’s on your team? What you don’t have one? Why not? If you read my last blog post, you’ll see how hot I am on the topic of building a team around you so you can build your business, whether it’s a brick and mortar business or an Internet marketing business.

So how do you decide who you need on your team? And how to you find the right people?

Initially, I say: what tasks do you have in your business that you just CAN’T do and what tasks do you have that you don’t WANT to do? What don’t you have the time for and what don’t you have the knowledge for? These are the tasks for which you need to find others.

For example, what I CAN’T do is anything technical. I’m no good when it comes to things like putting up a website or learning new software. I don’t have the knowledge and I don’t want to learn it. What I don’t WANT to do are mundane tasks like maintaining my database or sending out newsletters and emails. I don’t like doing it and don’t have the time. So for these kinds of tasks, you could hire a webmaster, a tech guru, or a VA. I found a VA who can do all these things.

Another area where I fall short is marketing. I don’t enjoy it all that much and can’t always find the time for it, since I’m busy ghostwriting and copyediting for my clients. But I know ongoing marketing keeps a business alive. So, for marketing I rely on JV partners, business associates, past clients, referral partners, and strategic alliances. They’re all sending me referrals on a regular basis.

How do you find the right people for your team? It takes time and lots of trial and error! I went through four VAs before I found the right one. The first four either disappeared or didn’t perform their duties on time or ever! The current one, with whom I intend to have a long-term relationship, was referred to me through the owner of the autoresponder program I was reviewing. She’d been trained in the program, so I knew she would be an expert in handling my database, emails, newsletters, affiliates, and shopping carts.

Initially, then, I would say referrals are your safest way to build your team members. Then you have to judge for yourself if the person fits your needs and expectations. I’ve also built my team through experience and personal exposure. For example, my strongest business associate and alliance has come through the professional organization I belong to, PWSD (Publishers & Writers of San Diego). Another editor and I share leads and Skype each week to provide accountability and support for our businesses and other projects.

If you want to add a coach or mentor to your team, ask for referrals. When an associate or client mentions how much their business has improved as a result of working with someone, get that person’s name and request a short phone interview. Continue to build your online and offline networks, and you’ll soon find the right team members to catapult your business to great success.

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Power of the Business MasterMind

How big would you dare to dream if you knew you could count on the support of like-minded individuals on your team? Are you ready to grow your business as well as contribute to the growth of others? It’s time to move beyond where you are and bust through to the next exciting level!

A highly effective MasterMind group is one of the most powerful tools you can have. A well run MasterMind group is essential if you want to succeed in business with faster and better results.

What is a MasterMind? I’m not sure, but I think Napoleon Hill, author of the bestselling classic Think and Grow Rich coined the term to denote a group of people who get together periodically to support each others’ goals. The MasterMind principle comes from the Bible, Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” This is to indicate that the power of two or three is multiplied many times by the power of the group energy.

If you’ve ever done any brainstorming with someone, you can see that by yourself, your thinking is somewhat limited, but when you begin to throw out ideas with another person, so many more ideas evolve from the synergy of your two minds. There’s an exponential factor when 2 X 2 no longer equals 4 but more like 10 or more!

In a business MasterMind group anywhere from 4 to 8 people gather weekly or monthly or somewhere in between either live or over the phone to share what’s going on in their businesses and what kind of support they need. The other members offer feedback, solutions, or resources. The facilitator makes sure everyone gets equal time.

I’ve been in many MasterMind groups and I find them extremely valuable. As a solo entrepreneur I get limited in my thinking. I only know what I know and I don’t know what I don’t know. My MasterMind partners can bring valuable insights and growth to my business beyond my own knowledge.

For that reason I’ll be hosting a live interview on Tuesday, September 29 at 6 pm PT (9 pm ET) with Law of Attraction coach, Cheryl Vallejos on “How to Build Your Business With a MasterMind.” Find out more and sign up at

Anything that you can do on your own, you can do quicker and more effectively with a MasterMind. If you’d like to find out about a new group starting visit

In my next blog, I’ll discuss how to build a stellar team…

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Building Teams & Partnerships: Your VA, Coach, Mentor, JV Partners, Associates, Referrals, Clients…

No one ever succeeds alone, in a vacuum, as an island—and all those other clichés. Believe me, I tried. I’ve been single and self-employed a long time and had many excuses as to why I could “do it all myself”!

I can’t afford it! (You know that one!)

No one is as capable as I am! (Really?)

It takes more time to tell someone what to do than if I just do it myself! (If you know HOW to do it!)

What’s been your excuse for being a SOLO-preneuer? And how is it working for you? All I know is it wasn’t working for me. Not only didn’t I have enough time to do everything myself, but I certainly didn’t have the knowledge. I’ve found in running every business, especially an Internet marketing business, there are three essentials for success: TIME * MONEY * KNOWLEDGE

I’m sure there are more ingredients to success, but these are the three I come up against all the time—the three that stop me cold. I run out of time (gee, we all need to sleep sometime); I run out of money (hey, I’m an entrepreneur; I can’t predict each month’s income); I run out of knowledge (I’m smart but I don’t know everything and sometimes I don’t even know what I don’t know—you know that one!)

Knowledge I can get—I can read books, take classes, hire a pro—although sometimes I just can’t grasp the knowledge if it’s technical or over my head, and sometimes I just don’t have the money to hire the pro or I can’t find a reliable one. Money I have, from time to time—and when I do I’ll pay for a class, a coach, or a pro. Time—well we all have the same 1,440 minutes/day! And I know I spent a good deal of them facing a digital display, but I always seem to run out! How ‘bout you?

So, this is where your TEAM or PARTNERSHIPS come into play. Where do you need assistance—with knowledge, money, or time? Where can you get these resources? From others who have them and are willing to share them with you. If I need more knowledge, like how to set up a shopping cart, I can hire a pro like a VA (virtual assistant), or tech guru, or shopping cart specialist. If I find someone I like who’s capable, they become part of my team. The next time I need that service, I’ve got someone.

What if I need more money? If I want more clients, I can contact my referral partners, my past clients, or my business associates. I can ask for new business or referrals. My strongest referral partners, such as strategic alliances and satisfied clients, are now on my marketing team.

And if I need more time, I either get a coach to teach me better time management skills or hire pros such as VAs to do the tasks I shouldn’t be doing because they don’t net me the highest income: like managing my database, sending out my newsletter, or running an email campaign. Or I create a joint venture or partnership where we can share the load.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss the power of the MasterMind…

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass

Turn What You Know Into Dough

I’m not always a big fan of these virtual book campaigns to get authors to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list for one day! But sometimes I am!

What it looks like is the author gathers a bunch of friends, associates, or complete strangers to send a specific email to their lists in exchange for the author listing this “partner” as a bonus offer if someone buys the book.

Here’s how it works: THE AUTHOR – writes and publishes the book, creates a promotional e-mail, finds joint venture partners, and puts up a web page with the book offer plus the bonuses. I’ve seen these anywhere from 10 to 50 bonuses. Not always, but many times, this strategy will catapult the book to the top of the online bestseller lists for a short time.

THE JOINT VENTURE PARTNER – creates a bonus item for the campaign, usually a downloadable MP3 or report, then sends the pre-written e-mail to their list on designated days, either one day or several days. In order to get the bonus item, the book buyer has to opt in and provide an e-mail address, so the JV partner may add a bunch of names to their list. Being on this end has added more than 100 names to my list.

THE BOOK BUYER – buys the book at Amazon, then takes the transaction code and enters it on the author’s website where the book is listed for sale. Then you’re taken to a page with all the bonus items. You can claim them by signing up to be on their mailing list. One problem I’ve found being on this end is that I never have time to claim, read, or listen to all the bonuses, plus those that I’ve claimed put me on their list and now I get way more e-mails per day than I can handle.

Since I had a good response the last time I took part in one of these, I’m involved again with the same author. Loral Langemeier takes the confusion out of financial and investing matters and makes everything crystal clear. I’ve read all her past books and am looking forward to this one.

Put More Cash in Your Pocket is a no nonsense guide to turn what you know into dough! Loral says, “You don’t have fixed potential, why accept fixed income?” By following Loral’s simple and straightforward approach, you’ll put more cash—$1,000 or more a month—into your pocket in no time. Loral has helped thousands of people make extra cash fast, people from all different backgrounds, in a variety of situations, all over the world. People just like you!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Loral’s book visit If you want to know more about these virtual book campaigns, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you! I wonder if this would work for e-books. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

Happy info-products,

Andrea Susan Glass


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