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Internet Marketing has many moving parts

I always feel that Internet Marketing feels like a machine with many moving parts. Each one needs the other and one needs to be put in place before the other can do its job.

The main problem, as I’ve encountered it, is where to start. Which part needs to be put into place first? At times I’ve started with an idea and then expanded it– here’s my subject for which I’ll write an e-book. But then I realized before I could write the e-book, I’d need to know who I was writing it for, that is, who was my target market; and what problem did they have that my e-book would be the solution to; and what keywords would my target market use to find my e-book, that is, the solution to their problem? So… writing the e-book was not the first moving part. Doing the research was.

And then I realized I would have to put up a sales page to sell my e-book and I’d need to have a URL, a hosting site, and some software or template to create the sales page. And now most Internet marketers don’t send prospects directly to a sales page but to a squeeze page. So I’d need a URL, hosting site, and software or template for the squeeze page. AND– I’d need an autoresponder program to collect names and e-mail addresses of everyone who signed up on my squeeze page.

So… the first moving part needs to be finding the right autoresponder program. And believe it or not, that’s where I got stuck for several months–finding the right program. I wanted to buy my own software, but the programs I looked at were not compatible with my current website. So I looked at some of the common autoresponders like aweber and getresponse, but I didn’t like the double opt-in feature because I didn’t want to lose half my existing list.

I also needed to find a program that I could use myself in case I didn’t have a virtual assistant, which I do at times, and not at other times. I haven’t yet found a program in which I can insert my e-zine because I don’t know html–yet! And I haven’t had the time to learn it.

So today, I’m still without an autoresponder program. I have an Excel spreadsheet extolling the pros and cons of over a dozen autoresponder, e-mail, and shopping cart programs. And that’s where I’m stuck, and that’s my first moving part.

So, while I figure out which program I will use, I have decided to move forward on another moving part, because I feel this will be sorted out eventually, but in moments where I feel inspired I can start working on my info-product. Although, I’m a little stuck as to how to select the best subject and format–but more on that in the next blog!

Happy info-products,



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