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The latest in interactive e-books

As a writer and editor of e-books and traditional books, I’m always excited about any innovations in my field. And now I’ve seen a multi-media book that is truly amazing. The book was written and created by Loral Langemeier who is a New York Times best selling author and the Dr. Phil Show;s Money Expert. Get Off Your Lazy Assets employs audio and video inserts in the book when you buy the e-book version. It shows that our talents are assets and when we turn those talents into value and leverage that value by enrolling resources, we can connect those resources with opportunities.

She shows readers how to uncover their 9 assets. She says, “When you uncover your skills, adjust your attitude, translate your talent into a valued currency, claim a vision, get clarity, build and engage a community, take leadership, and take control and action, you can reach financial freedom and create abundance.

I’m really excited to take part in Loral’s launch as one of her bonus items. You can download a free chapter of this amazing book or just buy it on my recommendation!

I hope you enjoy this multi-media experience and start working on your hot new e-book! Remember, I’m here to help.

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass


SEO is Crucial to Internet Marketing Success

I’m taking a fantastic class in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from David Riklan, the founder of, the largest website on self improvement. If you are involved in Internet marketing in any way, you will need to know some SEO. Even if you hire someone to do it, you should understand how it works.

I’m enjoying taking this class with David because my primary target market is the self improvement industry. I love ghostwriting and editing for self improvement or personal development professionals. I’m even developing my own info-products (FINALLY!) for this market.

I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the information David revealed to us in six classes—some of which I already knew but was not implementing or not getting results with. I understand keywords, writing good content, article submission, directory submission, links, PPC, and metatags. We did a lot of visiting sites and searching in Google during the class. I was able to see how many sites linked to mine and how high I was in the search engines. I was amazed to find I came up in the TOP TWO in both Google and Yahoo for “personal development ghostwriting” and “professional development ghostwriting.” Now I just need to see how many people are actually searching for those terms.

One of the main reasons I took this class was to direct more traffic to my website and blog, and then convert visitors to either buyers or to join my list. Also to get ready to direct visitors to my sales page when I finish developing my info-products. But I also took the class because I wanted to learn all the SEO tricks, since most of them involve writing. Now I know the kinds of writing I can do to help people get higher rankings. When I write website content, blogs, articles, and emails, for example, I will now keep in mind all the SEO strategies.

How is your traffic? How is your conversion? Are you using all the SEO techniques that you need to? Keep learning. Internet marketing is an ongoing education.

Happy Info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass


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