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In my last post, I mentioned meeting a blogging expert, Bridget Ayers, and unfortunately I’ve been so busy with client projects I haven’t had any time to follow through on her suggestions. One that I do recall, however, without looking at my notes, is that she advised me to use a lot of bullets. She said people like “how to” lists in blogs. I write a lot of those for my clients, but I’ve never thought about doing that for myself. Hmmmmmmm…….. I wonder what that’s about.

So I thought I would do one of those lists today, though it actually takes me more time to compile a list than just write free flow like this. Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

Top 10 Tips on writing blog posts–quickly & easily!

1. brainstorm a list of a titles you can use for about one month’s worth of blog posts
2. group the titles into categories and stick with one for several posts before switching categories
3. gather any content you’ve written before in articles, reports, web content, etc. and dump it into your blog post Word doc
4. set a schedule as to which days you will write and stick to it
5. or do a marathon writing session and publish your posts on your schedule, or set them up for automatic posting
6. don’t be a perfectionist when you write your posts; just be friendly and informative as if you’re talking to a friend who is interested in your topic
7. listen to feedback in your comments to sense what’s working and what’s not, and to choose your next batch of topics
8. browse competitorsblogs and make yourself stand out from the crowd; develop a personality and a following
9. check your statistics to see who’s coming to your blog and from where
10. always stay true to who you are and what you’re about–and most of all the audience you serve and their needs and interests

There, that wasn’t too hard. Hope I made some sense and you learned something too!

Happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass


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