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There’s more to blogging than meets the eye

I recently met a lovely young woman at a networking event, and we got together a few days later to share ideas. Bridget Ayers of is a sharp gal, expert in the ways of blogging and social media, not to mention a technological whiz! It’s not often you meet someone so knowledgeable at such a young age. Our time together was rich with sharing ideas and tips on both sides—Bridget with her blogging and social media knowledge, me with my mission to turn everyone’s’ expertise into info-products.

Bridget’s main site is a membership site for entrepreneurial women who are serious about attaining financial independence, realizing their dreams, and living their passion. Her resources for members only include discussion groups, a resource library, skill-building articles, downloadable products, video and news updates, interviews with industry experts, tech tools, and weekly tips and tricks. What I gained most from my meeting with Bridget, was her valuable knowledge of blogging. I’m a total newbie at this and am thrilled to get 10 or more visitors a day and an occasional comment.

Bridget gets an average of 2,500 visitors a day at her fascinating blog, She filled me in on clues on how to grow my blog presence through sites like and With our laptops at the ready, she walked me through these two sites showing me how to build community. Yes, bloggers have communities too just like the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the countless others. She looked at my blog and showed me all kinds of tips—things even a techno-phobe like me could do. I plan to implement some of them as soon as I have a spare moment, and report back to my blog audience—which I hope will be ever growing as I turn Bridget’s wise advice into action.

Happy blogging & happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass

Write Your Info-Product NOW! No Excuses!

Okay, all of you who say you want to write a book, or e-book, or other info-product, I’m going to hold you to it. I’ve created a way for you to absolutely get that product written. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it, and so have others. You can create a product in just a few days.

I have developed a unique program along with my partner Debra Simpson of, that we call the 3-Day Web Intensive ( We will begin on Friday afternoon, Sept. 26, and discuss all you need to know to start writing your product. We’ll talk about how to select a topic, a title, a vehicle, a target market, and to create a table of contents. Then we’ll look at how you will fill in the content. And you’re off… to writing.

On Saturday afternoon, we’ll have another webinar to check in to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions. Debra and I will also have e-mail response times throughout the weekend where you can e-mail us any questions that come up for you and to share your successes. Then we’ll wrap up with another webinar Sunday afternoon and make sure you’ve accomplished your goal.

Does that sound amazing? I know when I went through a test program like that I was in bliss. Since I spend so much time ghostwriting, writing, and editing for others, it was a joy to write for myself. So give yourself that gift–time to create your own info-product, that will start you on your wonderful and prosperous journey of Internet Marketing.

Remember, we have limited spaces so we can provide personalized attention. So sign up NOW at

Happy Info-Products,


Andrea Susan Glass

Crown Yourself With Your Brand

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the queens and divas out there: the ezine queen and the detox diva. Well I’ve crowned myself the InfoProduct Princess. After all, branding is available to all—just create your own persona and you’re good to go!

We all need to differentiate ourselves in this crowded kingdom of Internet marketing so we stand out and capture the attention of our hungry target market. I’ve been thinking of ways I could differentiate myself from the many others who teach people how to create info-products through their services and products.

Other than the fact that I’m really good at what I do, I am different because my passion is to work with people in the fields of personal and professional development. I haven’t yet seen another writer who brands herself as a specialist in those industries.

Now in case you’re wondering what I mean by that, let me explain. Personal development is also known as self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, and anything regarding the helping industries. I consider coaches, speakers, teachers, authors, holistic healers, as some of the members of that industry. Their needs are special as they have to translate their knowledge and expertise into info-products that can help their target market. They are often excellent at what they do, but not in translating what they do into words, and definitely not into products.

The professional development field to me refers to anything to do with business growth, and I see service professionals like realtors, attorneys, financial planners, hair stylists, and others in this industry. They need to translate their knowledge into products to teach others what they know which may be something like how to sell your home quickly, how to style your hair by yourself, or how to organize your financial records.

Now that you’ve seen how I’ve not only crowned myself the InfoProduct Princess, but branded myself as the personal and professional development specialist, let me know what you’re best at. Send me a comment on how you are differentiating yourself. It will help you as you develop your product line.

Happy Info-Products,


Andrea Susan Glass

Do You Labor on Labor Day?

So it’s Labor Day but it’s a day we typically don’t labor!The holiday originated in 1882 as the Central Labor Union of New York City wanted to create “a day off for the working citizens.”

Typically it also symbolizes the end of summer, where we also tend not to “labor” as much as throughout the rest of the year, with vacations and slower work loads.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to labor harder at certain times of the year and slack off at others. The major attraction to building an Internet Marketing business with your own or affiliate info-products is to build an Internet Marketing business that is more or less automatic. Which means you work smarter, not harder. You work less, and earn more. You build systems that can run automatically so you earn money 24/7, while you sleep, while you vacation, and while you do fun activities or more meaningful activities.

However, all of us Internet Marketers know it does take some labor up front to set up these systems that will run our Internet Marketing business automatically. And as a ghostwriter and copyeditor of info-products, my mission is to help as many people as possible turn their knowledge and expertise into info-products that will create passive profits 24/7 ongoing, automatically.

And the way I do that is by the webinars I hold where I teach you how to produce and promote info-products, by my services where I produce and promote the info-products for you, and by my products that teach you how to do it yourself.

So on this Labor Day, if you are taking time off from your hectic schedule of labor and would like to work less, OR if you are even laboring on Labor Day, start planning your Internet Marketing business by planning your first info-product. And keep reading because I will help you get there…

Happy Info-Products,


Andrea Susan Glass


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