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Webinars bring the world to your computer and they are the only way to learn!

Webinars make the world seem like a small place. If you’ve been on webinars or teleclasses, you’ve probably heard people on them from all over the globe! Wow! However, if you’ve never been in on a webinar, you are in for a treat. You’ve probably been to countless teleseminars or teleclasses, but those are so yesterday! With a webinar, you can talk if you have a microphone, text chat if you don’t have a mic, and see a visual presentation throughout the class.

My partner, Debra Simpson, and I have been conducting webinars on creating info-products for over a year now, and they never get old or boring. Especially when one of us gets kicked out of the webinar room. Oh well, tech stuff happens!

But what I love about webinars is that Debra prepares a slide slow that is like an outline to follow along with our talk. Then she records it so if anyone wants to go back and listen to it, they will see the slides as well. And what’s even more exciting, is that she can put up visual images in present time. For example, if we have a small group, she will flash on the screen everyone’s website. That’s a nice bonus of free publicity!

Webinars, therefore, are a great learning tool because they have audio, visual, and audience participation. What more could you want? If you’ve never been at a webinar event, I’d love to have you as my guest at our next free webinar on Wed., August 27 at 6pm PT (9pm ET). We’ll be teaching “Produce & Promote Info-products for Passive Profits.” We will repeat that one more time on Tue, September 9 at 6pm PT (9pm ET) in case you can’t make the first one.

These two free webinars will be followed up by a 3-day ultra spectacular Web Intensive the last weekend in September. More detail to come. So if you’ve never been to a webinar or you’re finally ready to create your first info-product, we’d love to meet you soon.

Happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass

Learn how to produce & promote info-products for passive profits

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I write about info-products and how I’ve been working on developing my own products, since I spend most of my time writing info-products like e-books and e-courses for my clients.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I will be launching one of my info-products next week. I consider teleclasses and webinars as info-products, so I wanted to tell you about my uncoming webinars. They are held over the Internet and all you need is an Internet connection and speakers. My webinar “Producing & Promoting Info-Products for Passive Profits” is a FREE one-hour webinar that my partner Debra Simpson and I will be holding on Wed, August 27, 2008 and again on Tue, Sept. 9, 2008 at 6:00 pm PT (9:00 pm ET).

These two webinars are absolutely FREE. If you’re at all interested in getting your own info-product produced and out there earning you passive profits, I encourage you to sign up NOW, as we have limited space in the webinar room. After you take one of these webinars, I have a feeling you will be really excited by the information you learn, and you may want to be one of the first to sign up for our first ever 3-day Web Intensive at the end of September. Over the course of 3 days, we will guide you through writing your first e-book! So, by the end of day 3, you will have your first info-product.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at Please sign up for the free webinars at

Happy Info-Products,


Andrea Susan Glass,

The Work of an Internet Marketer is Never Done

Well, I have to say, I’m still stuck at the autoresponder stage. An Internet marketer’s autoresponder is one of the most essential tools in the toolkit. Not being very technical, I am searching for a program I can easily use so I will not be intimidated, thereby being remiss in sending out my all important emails to my list. With my last website makeover, I finally mastered the art of my website’s back end and I can’t tell you how powerful that makes me feel. Now I can make changes at my whim!

So I checked out another autoresponder last week, and when the trial version kept asking me about FTP this and FTP that, I lost it. Now I have about three more to check out, and I promise I will make my decision this week. The reason I say I need this autoresponder decided on first, is that when I send out press releases, articles, and emails to my list, people will be coming in droves to my website to opt in and I want to have the right autoresponder set up.

In the meantime, I’m putting everything in place to go forward. The press release is written and the press release sites have been checked out. I submitted about 15 press releases last week for my upcoming free webinars on August 27 and September 9, so now I have accounts at all the press sites. Submitting future releases will be a quick job next time. (By the way, if you’re interested in my webinars on producing and promoting info-products for passive profits, you can sign up at

I’m almost finished getting my database up to date, so I will be able to load all my names into the autoresponder program. And then I will have to create the emails and write a bunch of articles to submit.

An Internet marketer’s job is never done…

Happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass,

The Results Of Research Put to the Test

Well, the keywords are in place, and I’m up and running. I found a new autoresponder I will check out this week. Once that’s in place, I feel my site is ready to be announced to the world. Shout it from the virtual rooftops. Send out press releases, articles, and emails.

Sounds simple, yes? Yet, there are details in each step so this all will take a little time. First, write the press releases, then decide where to send them. Okay, a few days, done in between my client work. Next write about 10 articles. Okay, that’s another week at least! Then sign up at a bunch of article directories and submit the articles—and I’ve been told to tweak them for each different directory because Google doesn’t like it if you submit the same article to more than one site. Okay, Google, I’ll play by your rules. Another few weeks!

And then the dreaded e-mails. E-mail marketing is a huge component of any Internet marketing business and whether you write them yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write them, they are your bread and butter. You know what I mean! You probably get a ton of these “friendly” e-mails from everyone whose list you’ve signed up on just because you wanted your freebie! Of course, we all know you can get off these lists any time, but who has the time to unsubscribe? So you keep getting bombarded by e-mails inviting you to this free teleclass, telling you about this great product, or wanting you to sign up for a BIG seminar that will change your life.

Okay, a few more weeks for me to figure out a few months’ worth of e-mails to send out to my list. What I find is best, to avoid procrastination, is do what is easiest and quickest first. That gets the energy flowing. For me, writing a 500-word press release and submitting it to my list of free PR websites is the easiest, so that’s where I’ll start. That will get done this week. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass,

You Must Research Your Keywords to Optimize Your Website

Google Adwords

In my goal to develop my own information products, I’m moving right along in my plan. I originally got waylaid from creating an info-product, because I felt I had to re-write my website. That done, I then found I needed to do a few things before promoting my new site, such as getting a competent autoresponder. And although I’m still working on getting my autoresponder in place, what I’ve come to realize in putting any business together and especially an Internet marketing based business, is that you can’t let one hold up hold you up! So while you may be waiting for your web designer to finish your site, you could be writing articles, setting up your blog, or running around the web making friends (and hopefully business contacts) on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or whatever the newest social site is!

I’m still checking out a few autoresponders, waiting for a response from them to check out their customer support, so I need to move on to the next order of business. For me, that is getting my database together so I can send out announcements when my site is ready to go, which will be when my autoresponder is set up. At least that’s all I thought I’d need to do for my site to be “perfect.” That is until one of my colleagues hooked me up with a search engine specialist who checked out my rankings and told me to “get them keywords in there girlfriend!” Which means I need to have 1-2% keyword density on each page.

Darn! You know as a perfectionist writer, I only spent the last 6 months re-writing my website. Now I have to go back and make sure I have keyword density on each page??? Just another delay—no big deal. Hey, I’m a writer, that’s what I do. Only problem is, I’m going to need to set aside a few hours to do—ta da!!—keyword research. In case you find yourself in such a situation, here are some tools I’ve found useful for keyword research:, and

I’ll let you know how I made out on my keyword research and optimizing my website pages in my next blog. Stay posted…

Happy Info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass,

The Saga of the Search for Internet Marketing Success Continues

Where we left off last time was that I finally had my new website up, give or take a few tweaks, and I felt the next step was to promote it. Yes, I’m all fired up to tackle my promotional plan. Nothing can stop me now. Or can it? Well, just one teeny thing. I want to make sure I have a good autoresponder program to accept email addresses that will pour in through my new opt-in box on my website with an amazing offer no one will be able to resist! My host has an adequate autoresponder but not up to the standards I will need if I want to become an Internet marketing mogul!

So, I go through my notes on all the autoresponders I had researched last summer when I hired a college intern to do some writing and administrative tasks for me. I like some of them that are fairly reasonable in cost, but they are limited because I can’t enter my own names, only ones that have opted in will work. I’d like to get around that option.

I have been testing out a virtually unknown autoresponder for the last several months but it hasn’t performed up to my standard and has been hard for me to use. A colleague suggested an autoresponder program that I would actually buy and own rather than paying a monthly fee. So I took a tour the other day and jotted off an email to customer service to see what kind of support I would get with the program. Four days later and I haven’t heard back.

So now I’m 7 months into my project of creating an info-product, which began with creating a spiffy new website, which now needs an autoresponder, which I am still researching. What next?? Stay tuned to find out…

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass,


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