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Info-products Offer the Best Job Security

I know people with 9-5 jobs who think they have job security, but the other day Starbucks announced they were closing 600 locations. So much for job security! Who would have thought that could happen? Starbucks is the #1 American addiction!

Yet with info-products, you have a source of a repeating, residual resource for cash. Create a product once, sell it forever—or at least until you create a better product. So why haven’t you tapped into this real source of job security?

If you want real job security, that is, ongoing, ever-increasing, enjoyable, income, get into your info-product factory right now and start manufacturing. You can make this easy or you can make it hard. That’s up to you. I know, for me, I tend to ruminate, plan, ponder, study, far too long sometimes, which I can see objectively is really a form of procrastination.

So if you have been “procrastinating” getting that first info-product created, take a look at what’s been holding you back. Look at the list I offered in my July 3 post of common excuses. Add to that fear of failure or fear of success. These are all real possibilities. However, if you’ve been saying for some time that you really want some passive profits from info-products, yet have not done anything to move in that direction, your word is worthless!

Let’s talk about how you can get over whatever is standing in your way. We’re all in this together. Let’s engage in a dialogue, send me some comments, and I’ll respond. And keep reading as I go deeper into all things Info-Products.

Happy Saturday!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

Take an Independence Day Off From Info-products

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Today I’m giving you the day off from thinking about your info-products. But only one day off. And if you want, you can be thinking about them even today. I once wrote an article about the history of Independence Day, as well as the origin of other holidays. Hmmmmmmmmm. Can you see the possibility of an e-book on holiday origins?

You can write an e-book on an idea like holiday origins as an independent info-product that’s not even remotely connected to your primary business. Tom Antion has been very successful putting up single sales pages for his e-books on wedding toasts, eulogies, etc. which is somewhat removed from his primary focus in helping people become great marketers and speakers.

If you’re not all that jazzed about writing info-products in the area of your primary business, be it real estate or financial planning, or if you don’t really have a primary focus because you may be a business consultant or life coach without a specialty, choosing an entirely new subject like holiday origins can be fun.

The key is to do some keyword research and search engine checking to see if there’s an interest and to see what’s out there. Then match that to your interests, knowledge, experience and passion! And you’ll have a winner!

So, enjoy the holiday today and take a day off from info-products. But I’ll expect you to be back on track tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day!


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

What’s your excuse for not creating info-products?

Everyone would love to have a source of passive income! Wouldn’t you? So what are you waiting for? What’s your excuse for not creating your first info-product?

1. You can’t write. If you’ve read half of the e-books I’ve read, you’ll see that writing is not the #1 skill needed to create an e-book. Well, sure, as a ghostwriter, I would never sell a product that wasn’t letter perfect, but some of the biggest successes on the Internet can’t spell worth a darn! But they’ve tapped into a winning idea, target market, or niche. So, you can drop this excuse.

2. You have a limited budget. Okay, you really don’t want to write your e-book, but you don’t have the cash to hire a ghostwriter. Truth be told, there are hoards of hungry writers selling their services pretty inexpensively all over the net. Of course, I’m not one of them, but I create relationships, not just one product. Yet, you can probably get a decent writer to create a short e-book for a few hundred dollars. Or maybe you can strike up a trade. “I WORK FOR MASSAGE!” I’ve been known to trade my ghostwriting services from time to time for excellent bodywork!

3. You don’t have the time. Boy, do I know this one. I’m so busy writing everyone else’s info-product, I haven’t written many for myself. Now, we know everyone has the same number of hours in a day, and other people with full time jobs or businesses are finding time to create an info-product. Just remember, how you choose to spend your time is based on priorities. Are you ready to make passive profits a priority?

4. You don’t have a niche. I’ll discuss this more later on, but for now just start thinking about who you are, what you represent, what you want to be known for, what your brand is, who you like working with, what you’re passionate about, and where is there a need. Start brainstorming and soon you’ll find your niche.

Have you found your excuse in this list? If so, give it up and get to writing. If not, send me a comment, and we’ll talk about it.

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

Using Info-Products to create a business venture

What a great way to start a business! Create info-products to sell 24/7 and you have some amazing passive profits on your horizon. Just recently, I created an awesome info-product for a client, Kimberlyn Lebsock of WomenActionTakers.

Her business is brand new and it is a community for women to share ideas to grow highly profitable businesses on the Internet. It’s an opportunity for work-at-home moms, burnt out corporate execs, mid-life career changers, or young retirees to work at home, do something they enjoy, and make lots of cash. So to start her business, Kimberlyn hired me to write a home study course. I totally enjoyed creating this info-product, because I learned as I created–what a win-win!

Now this awesome product will also serve as a source for articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, membership site, and other valuable content for Kimberlyn‘s list. It will also become a 12-week webinar series, as well as an amazing hands-on 3-day seminar. I know it’s amazing, because I attended and helped develop the inaugural seminar in June.

And Kimberlyn’s info-product funnel doesn’t stop there! She will also be offering memberships, mentorships, and private one-on-one coaching. So women no longer have any excuses to not become successful in an online business.

Can you see how one info-product can start a whole empire? Who’s next???

Remember, I’m here for you. Send me comments with any questions you have on info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

How can I benefit from info-products?

E-books and other information products are not only sources of passive profits, but powerful online marketing tools. Here are the top 10 ways you can benefit from creating your own info-products:

  1. Give an e-book away as a gift to get people to opt in to your mailing list
  2. Spread your e-book around anywhere you can give it away as a viral marketing tool with links back to your product pages where you can sell products
  3. Sell your info-products as a line of products from low to high end (e-book, CDs, teleclass, manual, live seminar, mentoring) for ongoing passive profits
  4. Build your credibility as an expert on your subject
  5. Receive recognition from the publishing world for a potential book deal with a traditional publisher
  6. Turn your knowledge into products so you don’t have to work so hard as a service provider
  7. Get known in your field and attract lucrative joint venture opportunities
  8. Expand your brand identity (grow a “Chicken Soup” empire)
  9. Put your business on autopilot so you can work less and earn more
  10. Make piles of cash while you sleep or vacation in Hawaii (or your dream location)

The value of creating your own info-products is that you only have to create each product once and they keep on selling. Once you put your marketing into place, you can just start watching your bank account go “Ka-Ching!”

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Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


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