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The Long & Winding Path to Creating My Info-product!

Like everyone who is making good money online, I too wanted to sell information products, but I’ve been too busy writing them for everyone else. So, determined to get my info-product written and marketed this year, I set about a plan. I had to look at the end result I wanted and backtrack to where I needed to start. Thinking this would be a simple path, I discovered it was anything but simple.

For me, the writing is the simple part, but everything else was a bit convoluted. Here is how my year has gone thus far. When I backtracked to the beginning, I knew I needed to have a decent website from which to sell my products and services. As a professional writer I might be a bit of a perfectionist, but hey, that’s what makes me good at what I do! So I started creating all new content for my website over the December holidays. This took several months as I spend the bulk of my time writing for others, so I had to sneak some late evenings and weekends to work on my own website.

Now I also needed a new look, so I had to search for a good, but affordable graphic design firm. That took several months of interviewing and reviewing logo designs, after two designers bailed on me. Then another several months of getting the design firm I eventually hired to get the look that I wanted. Whew!

Fast forward six months and I’m finally happy (well, make that content) with my web copy and logo design. Now to upload it. I have a template site where I can do the uploading myself with a little help from my host. I actually did hire a virtual assistant to do this for me, but that didn’t quite work out. (Am I getting the hint here that I can’t find good support?)

So after several multi-hour phone calls, I got the site done. Then after I published it, several errors showed up with fonts and spacing, so another two weeks until the host fixed those. Okay, so we’re around six months into the project of creating an info-product, and all I’ve done is get new content and a new logo for my website. Well, hey that’s pretty good. So before I move on to the next step, I need to take some time to promote my new site. Might as well. Another month will be spent on this, another month without an info-product…

Stay tuned for my next blog as I continue the saga. In the meantime, check out my cool new site let me know what you think. Also, if you can learn something from this story so far, it’s that you should hire me to write your info-products and web copy and you’ll get them a whole lot sooner than I will!!

Happy info-products.


Andrea Susan Glass,

Can Anyone Learn to Write—Well & Fast?

As a ghostwriter, I am available for anyone who needs to get something written but doesn’t have the time or talent! Or just plain doesn’t enjoy writing. Yet, some people don’t hire me because they feel they can’t afford it OR they like to be in complete control and have a tough time delegating to others. When I work with someone, it really is like a relationship—we have to work together and communicate well.

So if you are one of those who isn’t about to hire a writer, what can you do? Well if you run an Internet based business, let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of writing to do. You have your website content, articles, blog posts, reports, information products, emails, and more. There is a heck of a lot of writing needed with Internet marketing.

Yet, I do believe almost anyone can learn to write—well and fast! My services as a ghostwriter are for the “I-do-it-for-you” crowd. And my webinars and future info-products are for the “Do-it-yourself” crowd. I’ve been teaching how to write info-products in webinars for about a year, and pretty soon I’ll be holding my first 3-day web intensive in September. I’m confident that I can teach anyone the basics of writing all the materials they need to conduct a successful online venture.

A lot of what needs to be written can be boiled down into formulas or templates. Once you’ve written your first article, your second will go a whole lot faster. Once you’ve sweated over writing your first website, the second will require a lot less sweat. And once you’ve created your first e-book, you’ll be the info-product pro.

So, yes I believe anyone can write—with the proper guidance and support. Stay posted to find out more about how I will be doing this. And keep writing—it’s the best practice to perfect your skill!

Happy info-products!


Andrea Susan Glass,

How Can A Blog Help Your Internet Business?

I ask myself this question every day when I think about whether I should post today and if I do what I should write about and will anyone read it and if they do will they buy my services or products? That’s a lot of questions to ask and a lot of unanswered questions. If you wonder these same things too, let’s see if we can explore the answers together. If you happen to land on this blog and have some answers, please post a comment. And if you didn’t know this, when you leave a comment, you can have a link back to your website. My blog will have comments which means it looks like someone has read it, and you will get a free link to your site. So it’s a win for everyone.

Anyway, back to the questions. First, should I post today? Or how often should I post? I don’t know the answer to that, yet what I do know is every time I post I get a Google alert within a few hours. That means that Google is out there poking around the web picking up fresh content. This is a good thing. It raises your ranking in the search engines. I started out posting twice/week, then abandoned it altogether. Then started back daily, now it’s every other day. If I get a lot of visits, I’m encouraged to post more often; if I get fewer visits, I cut back. This is not a definitive answer by any means. You’ll have to feel it out and see what works best for you.

Next, what should I write about? Well, your area of expertise and your niche market primarily. I ghostwrite information products so I write mostly about that. However, Internet marketing is a broad topic area, so I have written about creating and marketing e-books, books, and other info-products, and peripherally about marketing through blogs, articles, and social networking. Lots to write about, and all of it is in my area of expertise. And some days, like today, I’m writing about what’s on my mind. Or I might write about something in the news that is connected to my topic.

Will anyone read my blog? At first I got little traffic, then it started to build, and one day I had peak traffic. I followed the comments and the links and found that Google blogs was responsible for a lot of that traffic and the subject and keywords were what drew the audience. I continue to investigate how people find blogs and what I can do to attract more traffic. It’s an ongoing learning process.

And lastly, will visitors buy my services and products? At this point, I don’t know the answer. I think if you get repeat visits you start to build a fan base. As people follow your blog, they get to know and respect you and if they have a need they may take the plunge and buy something from you. Because we can all get so much FREE information on the web, you have to make a good case for someone to take out their credit card and pay for information. This, too, is something I continue to investigate in the hopes of uncovering the mystery of selling online. It might help to have an email capture on your blog, and you will need HTML to do that.

If you have any answers to some of these questions, please leave your comments. I truly believe regular blogging should be part of any Internet marketing plan. Mix it up with your articles, press releases, advertising, and social networking and you have a recipe for success.

Happy Info-Products.


Andrea Susan Glass,

Internet Marketers Use Ghostwriters–Both Copy Writers & Content Writers

I’ve been studying the top Internet marketing gurus for awhile, and all of them teach their students to delegate as much as possible—especially the tasks they are either not good at or not fond of. Well, unless you’re a professional writer like me, the average person does not really like to write. And even those who do like it or who tolerate it are not that good at it. The wisest and most successful of these online business owners know when it makes good business sense to hire a professional.

Now I do want to make a distinction about the different kinds of writers, because most people don’t know this. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who will write for you—maybe it’s your articles, newsletter or e-zine, reports, blog posts, website copy, books, e-books, or other information products—and not sign their name. You put your name on the article, e-book, etc. as if you wrote it. Now a ghostwriter may be a copywriter who writes sales COPY like on sales pages, websites, any direct mail or e-mail copy that is designed to motivate the reader to purchase the product. While another type of ghostwriter—like myself—is more of a CONTENT writer, who writes information products such as books, e-books, e-courses, reports, blog posts, and articles. I like to say: A COPY writer SELLS, while a CONTENT writer TELLS!

As a content writer, my writing is not designed for selling. Once the copywriter moves the prospect to buy, the information they buy will be written by the content writer. My writing provides information, education, inspiration, entertainment, or motivation. It delivers the value that is promised by the copywriter. I love research, I love ideas, I love learning, and I’ve been a teacher of sorts all my life. That makes me the perfect content writer.

Can you see how the copywriter and content writer support each other? And of course, both are necessary for any Internet marketing business. If you are building your Internet business, consider adding both of these kinds of ghostwriters to your team.

Feel free to contact me for my free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for me to be on your team.

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass,

Putting All the Pieces Together

I’ve been studying Internet Marketing for several years now and feel like I’ve learned a lot, but when it comes to putting all the pieces together, I seem to hit a wall. For example, I wrote my first e-book for a client about 5 years ago, and a few years ago I decided to finally write one for myself. I partnered with an SEO expert who knew html, and between the two of us we launched a website with sales page and the e-book.

We had done surveys to come up with the topic, so we felt we had a winner. We took a webinar with some experts to find out what all the steps were. We did Google adwords and Google adsense. We built a mailing list and sent out newsletters. We signed up a bunch of affiliates and sent out emails. We tweaked and tested the sales letter ad nauseum! I’m not sure what we didn’t do, it seemed we were always working on it.

Long story not so short, we sold very few e-books and I was sorely disappointed. I had done a lot of work, mostly the writing, but I couldn’t figure out where we went wrong.

Any so-called “failure” is really a lesson in my mind, so I really learned a lot. The biggest mistake I think we learned is that for a product to sell well, it has to fill a need, solve a problem, or provide some significant benefit. Our e-book did not. It was primarily informational—well it was an information product, wasn’t it?

So we had all the pieces and we put all the pieces together—we just didn’t have a strong motivation to buy. As you venture into this crazy, complex, yet exciting work of Internet marketing, always remember this: why would someone buy your product? If you can’t answer that, you can’t sell it.

More to come…

Happy info-products,


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of WritersWay

Internet Marketing 101

Have you ever noticed how some people have that Midas touch? Whatever they touch turns to gold! Whatever business venture they start succeeds! Do you ever wonder how they do that? I know I do.

I’ve been studying Internet marketing for years and lots of it still baffles me. And every day some new technological advance makes it even more complicated. Ouch! We didn’t need more complications.

So for those of us who would like to unravel the mysteries of those who have that magic wand, I suggest we follow the basics of Internet Marketing 101. To me that means start from the beginning, move forward one step at a time, and start seeing results. When something isn’t working, go back to the step that involves that process. Learn what you did wrong or could do better. Then do it again.

Also, you must always track and you must always test. If you track, you’ll know what’s working, that is, how many people are coming to your sites, where they are coming from, and any other statistics you want to know. Then you test headlines, test prices, test days of week to send emails, etc. until you find what works best through your tracking.

If you think of Internet marketing as being in school, you start in Kindergarten and progress through the grades. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can start in grade 6 right out of the gate. Start with the simplest steps and keep progressing.

At some point you will be ready to develop your first info-product, and by that time, you’ll know the process of creating, marketing, selling, and profiting! I’m here to help you with that part, so keep tuned in…


Andrea Susan Glass, founder of WritersWay

The Facebook Phenomenon


It began innocently enough with MySpace, and multiplied like a virus out of control. What I’m referring to are social networking sites, also known as social media, or Web 2.0 (don’t know how it got that name!)

Today we have so many of these sites, I can hardly keep up. I’ve got profiles on LinkedIn, FastPitch, Merchant Circle, Ryze, Digg, Twitter,, WomenIIWomen, a few more I can’t recall, and of course Facebook. I say of course Facebook, because that has become the darling of the business community.

It’s easy to use, and it’s actually a lot of fun! Almost too much fun, because I can spend hours inviting friends, answering friend requests, sending messages to my groups, accepting hugs, money, pets, flowers, and who knows what else! Oh, and letting people know what I’m doing right now!

Here are the facts about Facebook: It’s the 6th most popular website in the world, it has over 60 million active users, 250,000 new people join every day, it gets more than 65 billion (yes billion) page views per month, 56% of the members are over 25 years of age, 55% of the members are female, 35% of members earn more than $60,000/year, and 23% earn over $100,000/year.

I reveal these numbers to you, because they indicate the target market, and I think this is why Facebook members are targeting other members with all their products, events, groups, etc. It’s become a virtual hyper-active marketplace and meeting place. People are selling products, promoting events like teleclasses, and playing with more “applications” than I can keep up with.

Have I gotten any business from it yet? Well, I haven’t, but many people claim they have. I’m going to give it some time, and I suggest you at least put up a profile. You can become my friend at, and join my groups at and

See you on Facebook,

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

Everyone has a book in them

I went to a live networking event last night, something I rarely do anymore. Because online networking is so efficient—I can reach so many more people more easily and quickly, I don’t have to wear panty hose, and I don’t have to eat rubber chicken—I rarely do the live networking events. But this was an unusual one because it stemmed from an online networking site, LinkedIn. Someone started a San Diego branch of LinkedIn, so all these folks who had met online, could now come and meet live!

I enjoyed it, because, let’s face it, I have to go out of the house some time! But what was really gratifying about the event is that after everyone introduced themselves and we had general networking, a bunch of people came up to me with the classic line, “I’ve been thinking about writing a book…” I get this a lot when I tell people I’m an author and ghostwriter, and most who take my card never follow up. And even when I follow up, they flake out.

But in my introduction I said, “I believe everyone has a book in them. And if you’re a service provider selling your time for dollars, you must write a book or other information product for passive income.” Well, you wouldn’t believe some of the book ideas that I heard about last night. I won’t share them here because if these people do ever write their book, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. But some of the ideas were really out there.

I believe that if you have a passion, if you have a niche, if you have an expertise, if you have specialized knowledge, then you have a book in you. How can I help you get it out?

Happy info-products!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

The fun in info-product creation

My good friend and business associate Kimberlyn Lebsock suggested she and I suggest blog titles for each other, so this was her title. She knows how complex this Internet business can be so she always says we need to have fun with it. I guess I didn’t think it was so much fun when my business e-mail got shut down yesterday as my newly revamped website was being uploaded. And hooray, it’s uploaded today, only to find that there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed.

Okay, you found out my secret. I’m a perfectionist! That works well for my business as a ghostwriter and copyeditor, and my clients appreciate it, but come on—six months to redo my website. Oh well, just another few days and I’ll make the big announcement. Now it’s time for the fun to start.

I will let everyone I can think of know about my new website. I will be able to start selling my affiliate products. AND—here’s the big AND—I will now be ready to create my OWN info-products. This is where the fun comes in, as Kimberlyn reminds me. When I write for others, it’s enjoyable, but it’s their subjects and their products. When I get down to creating my own info-products—I WILL HAVE FUN!

So let the fun begin. When are you going to create your first info-product?

Have a fun day!

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

If you only knew how easy it is to create your Info-products

What are you passionate about? What can you talk about with no encouragement at all? What are you really good at that other people want to know about? What can you teach others? If you can answer any of these questions easily, you are on your way to your first info-product. Because, usually, deciding what topic to focus on is what trips up most people.

Take my case, for example. I ghostwrite books, e-books, blogs, articles, e-courses, etc. for my clients. So I’m thinking, what would my target audience want to learn from me in an info-product? They probably don’t want to learn how to write because that’s what they hire me for. BUT—and here’s the big BUT—I may have to reach a slightly different target market for my information products. There are probably some coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, and service providers who either don’t have the budget to hire me, or would like to give it a go, writing their own info-products.

SO—my services are for the “I DO IT FOR YOU” crowd and my info-products could be for the “DO IT YOURSELF” crowd. Similar market, slight difference. Can you see how this applies to you? Take your service that you now offer, or take that subject you are passionate about, and see who is your “do it yourself” market.

If you’re a realtor, for example, you could write an e-book on how to sell your home without a realtor. And as a matter of fact, I’ve just edited an e-book on that subject for a client. Or if you’re passionate about gardening, I’m sure there are lots of folks who would love to learn how to create their own little patch of home grown produce in their small yards. A whole series of info-products could spring forth just from different focuses on gardening: in containers, organically, in different regions of the country, etc.

So, today I’m telling you how easy it is to create your info-products, because you are passionate and knowledgeable about lots of stuff that lots of people want to know about. JUST DO IT!

More on how to do it coming up. Stay posted…

Happy Monday,

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


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