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But what should I write about?

Okay, so you’re finally ready to write your first information product. And you’re drawing a blank. You may be thinking: What should I write about? What do I have to say that people might be interested in reading? Isn’t everything that needs to be said already been written about? Well, if that were the case there wouldn’t be 50,000 new books published every year. Do you think all those authors thought there was nothing more to say?

Here’s the secret: people have problems and you have solutions. That’s it! Most info-products are solutions to problems. At least, the most successful ones are. The biggest selling info-products on the Internet teach people how to make money online, at home, or in a particular kind of business; or they show people how to lose weight, look more attractive, or find that special someone’ or they are about a specific niche like raising rotweillers, potty training toddlers, or improving your golf game.

Surely, you have solutions to problems. You are an expert in your field, be it legal matters, financial matters, hair care, real estate, health, or how to write an info-product! Do a little searching in search engines with keywords relevant to your area of specialty. See what solutions are already out there. See where you can fill a gap, and create a niche. See if there’s a big enough market. Mark Victor Hansen advises people to “get rich in their niche.” A narrow niche with a hungry audience whose needs are not being served is perfect for your info-product.

Now sit down and start creating…

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

How can information products generate passive profits?

Since information products are your expertise turned into a tangible product, once you’ve created that book, e-book, audio, e-course, etc. you never have to create it again and it will sell over and over. So let’s say it takes you 40 hours to write an e-book. If you charged $100/hour in your service as a consultant, coach, or other service professional, 40 hours of time would pay you $4,000. Now if you wrote an e-book and charged $40 for it (usually a typical price would be $37), you would have to sell 100 e-books to make the same $4,000. However–and here’s the fun part–after you sell that first 100 e-books, everything else is passive income. You are not trading your time for dollars.

Now that’s not to say you won’t have to do some marketing to get people to find out about your e-book. But once you hook up some of your marketing strategies, a lot of them can be put on automatic. For example, one way you can let people know about your e-book (or any information product) is to build your list and send regular e-mails. Once you have a fairly decent size list, you can send your e-mails on a regular basis through an autoresponder program that schedules them to go out when you want. So in essence, you set them up and then they’re on autopilot.

Stay posted for more info-product tips & tricks…

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of

What the heck are information products?

What’s all the buzz about information products or info-products? What it’s about is passive income or what I like to call “INFO-PRODUCTS FOR PASSIVE PROFITS” !!!

If you provide a service — like a realtor, coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, hair stylist, financial planner, attorney, etc. — you are charging for your time. When you work you get paid. Wouldn’t it be great to have cash coming in even when you are not working? YES!!! There is a way to do that–with info-products!

Information products are books, e-books, audio files, e-courses, and more that take your expertise and information and create a product with it. It’s what I call “TRANSFORMING YOUR IDEAS INTO INFO-PRODUCTS.

All of you who are service professionals have an area of expertise–you are just full of great knowledge, ideas, tips, valuable content to share with others. There are lots of people who are hungry for your knowledge. Maybe they can’t afford your services. Or maybe they’re the “do it yourself” type. In either case, when you transform your ideas into info-products, these books, e-books, etc. are generating cash for you even while you sleep or take a vacation.

In this series of blogs, I will be sharing more in depth ideas about the tips in creating and marketing information products. Stay tuned…

Andrea Susan Glass, founder of


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