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Titles That Tantalize the Mind!

What is the first thing anyone sees when reading an article?

The title of course!

So obviously we could conclude that the title of the article is one of the most important elements. No reader wants to open a link to read about a topic with a boring title. One would assume that the title foreshadows the rest of the article. Regardless of how amazing your article is, if your title can’t pull any readers in, there is no one to read it. You need to ensure that viewers will want to partake in your brilliance with a title that dares them to stay away.

When choosing a title, you have to be selective. If your title is too simple, it can seem washed over and dull. You need to be able to summarize your article, get to a point, and draw readers’ attention all in a few choice words. Seems daunting? Not impossible, though. An easy trick to choosing a great title is to identify the benefits of your article. For example, if you are writing about how to wash a car, a simple title would be, “How to Wash Your Car.” Boring! A catchier title would be, “How to Wash Your Car So Others Need Shields To Block the Shine!” This tells readers what they are going to read and how they are going to benefit from the information. Now readers will want to know what the secret is to getting their car that clean.

Don’t be afraid to have a longer title, if it seems fitting. Or you can have a short punchy title, with a longer sub-title that is more explanatory. Experiment with both approaches. Tell readers in your title that they can make more money, feel better and happier, or attract more business. This is your chance to catch their eye and tap into their needs and desires, so make it irresistible. If the title doesn’t get them to read on, no one will know all the valuable information you have to impart.

Content- Keeping Articles Vibrant

Content, content, content! That’s what it’s all about! What is an article if it lacks strong compelling material? Nothing! You can only stretch an article (or any work for that matter) so far without content that is valuable. Your article needs to be thoughtful, informative, and worth reading. Filling it up with keywords and no real meaning will do you no good with the search engines or building your credibility.

With all the articles already written, it’s easy to browse through them to see what is missing. Read a couple of articles, look through the titles, and identify what it is that you can bring. What new perspective do you have? There is always something new that is yet to be said, and you can be the one to say it. Find what is needed and add your unique view to the mix.

First, do your research to add to your existing body of knowledge. We all know that you can put almost anything into a search engine and be thrown back thousands of web pages on that topic. Browse a few and find the material you are looking for. Unless you are writing an opinion piece, you are going to need quite a few facts. Even opinion pieces need facts! Gather content you can talk about and share with others. Make your article more interesting by using some statistics for conviction. People are fascinated with statistics; they add more validity to what you are saying.

Secondly, keep it interesting and enjoyable. While we all love statistics, if we wanted to read a list of them, we would read a national survey, so be creative. Deliver your material in a fun and exciting way. Make it readable. Keep readers involved by asking questions. Demand their attention. In the end, regardless of how great your article is, if it is not appealing to read and offers information of value, no one will know your brilliance. Except maybe you!

Choosing a Topic for Your Article That Will Blow Readers Away!

Choosing a topic for your article is a very important step to writing your article. You need to carefully consider what you want to write about.

First, you need to write on a subject you are familiar with. Don’t choose a topic you think is great fun, but you know nothing about. You want to position yourself as the expert, so research first whatever you lack knowledge or confidence in.

Make sure your topic is narrow enough to ensure you stay on point and prevent rambling on a tangent. However, if you are too narrow, you may find you lack enough information to write a decent size article. If this is the problem, broaden your topic a little to open up your field of information.

Research your niche. You know something others don’t. You are an expert at your business. Exploit that in your article. Select the topic that can establish you as an expert and have readers thinking, “This person knows what they are talking about! I trust them.”

Selecting the wrong topic could be the downfall of your article. Choose one that promotes you, your business, and your expertise. Remember to keep it simple and straightforward, and always provide enormous value!

Wonderful World of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a new, growing tool to promote your business. Haven’t already started your article marketing? What are you waiting for? It’s easy, affordable, and profitable! We’re talking free advertisement here! Writing your own articles is something anyone can do, at any time on any subject. Even if you’re not comfortable writing an article, check back here and we can provide you with some great tips to make your article shine.

Article marketing means you write an article and offer it to anyone for free. You can submit it to generic article directories or specific targeted websites. There, publishers of ezines, websites and other publications can “borrow” your article for their own use. This allows thousands of people to read your articles and learn about your expertise, services, and products. If readers enjoy what you’ve written and find value, they will trust your words and follow you where you lead them. Where will you lead them, you ask? This is the most important part. Within these articles, or in your resource box at the end of the article, you will include a link back to your website. Here visitors can view and purchase your products. Anyone who publishes your article has to promise to use the resource box, which creates the link to your site that gives you the free adverstising!

Literally millions of people could be reading your articles daily. The amount that will actually go back to your website and purchase your products is possibly more than you could acquire with any other form of marketing. You can literally be attracting people to your website while you sleep, reaching prospective clients around the world.

Article marketing allows your business to grow in a way you could never imagine. Your own credibility will increase along with your business. It’s the best way to make a name for yourself online, with minimum effort and expense.

Click here for great offers on how to market your business and be on your way to success!

Article Marketing: Why is it Important?

A powerful and effective form of online marketing is article writing. Articles position you as the expert in your field and offer your advice in a quick, easily digestible format. The power in writing articles is the publicity you get when you submit your articles to multiple websites that create links back to your website. Millions of people want the information you are providing and will read your article every day. That means thousands will link back to your website. This can lead to hundreds who will view and perhaps purchase your services and products. And that is the goal of article marketing: getting people back to your website so they can sign up for your free offering, get on your mailing list, and view your services and products to eventually create more profit for you. With all your links on the many free article distribution sites, your search engine ratings soar, which can only mean more people finding your site. Writing articles comes at no cost to you, so consider it free advertising.

Can’t write your own articles? Hire a ghostwriter to do it for you for minimal cost. Visit for a great article writing and marketing package to promote your business. Article marketing is a great way to market your business and establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field. Imagine seeing your byline on articles distributed all across the Internet and tons of people reading what you have to say! Remember, if they are not reading your artcle, they are reading someone else’s. Get started now by contacting for your easy route to online success and profits!

How to Write an Effective Article

Writing an article can seem a daunting task if you’re not a writer. With these tips, you can write an article in no time.

1. Your first objective is to choose a topic that allows you to promote your expertise. You want people to read your article and value your opinion.

2. Make your title distinctive and creative. This will pull in your audience and keep their attention. It will also make your article easier to track in the search engines.

3. Use information from your website, brochures, products, quotes, or case studies where appropriate. Make your information as believable as possible with proof. This further promotes your credibility as an expert in your field.

4. If you’re stuck for content, write a solution that answers a problem. Ask clients what difficulties they have and answer those questions in your article.

5. Make sure to include targeted keywords. Sites will use keywords to help readers find your article. Come up with a list of words you feel readers will type in a search engine if they were looking for your article.

6. Lastly, always include your resource box. You need a link for those who might choose to go back to your website for your free offer or more information about you and your services or products. Your great articles will entice others to follow your link and possibly purchase from you and bring you ongoing profits.

Article writing gets easier with practice and you can find plenty online to serve as a model. But if you still feel you can’t do it, consider hiring a ghostwriter. For a small fee, you can have your amazing article with no work on your part. Happy writing!


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